Thursday, December 13, 2007

Braces, shopping, and finally office pictures!

Shopping, shopping, shopping. I love to go shopping. Especially at Old Navy. I can't tell you exactly why it's my favorite place to shop but it is. Maybe it's the prices or how cute their stuff is? I think it's a healthy combination of both. Although for the kids clothes I also like The Children's Place too.

Why am I telling you this? Because I was forced at gun point to brace the ice and rain to go to the mall! Ok, there was no force and no gun but it is alternating rain and ice pellets. Yucky weather. This morning while helping Simon get dressed we discovered that only his sweat pants fit him. I figured since we have to sinch in the sides on all his pants that they'd fit over his brace. No such luck. I decided after Seth and I talked to the people about Hannah's new fangled braces she needs (more on that issue) that we'd hit the mall in search of pants that either have elastic waists or maybe come in husky sizes.

They had a couple of options for him and they were on sale. I love that word. Sale. It makes you think you are getting such a good deal that you buy more than you intended too. Oops. So, I picked up some pants for skinny girl, two shirts for Seth and a sweater for myself. I love sweaters.
Simon's pants and a few shirts to go with 'em.

The other loot.

So- Hannah's braces. She'll get a spacer put in first. It will take a few appointments for it to get done. Once they've expanded her top bite then she'll get braces for just the front 4 adult teeth. They'll get the two teeth moved forward. Once that's done she will wear a retainer for a while. This isn't so she can have perfectly straight teeth either. The whole spacing and braces thing should take 12-18 months. All the low bargain price of, are you ready for this, $2500! Don't worry, they have 4 different payment plans! Yikes! Unfortunately this is something that could mess up her other adult teeth coming in so it has to be done. C'est la vie.

Two kids in braces at once. Just different kinds.

On to the office. I realized that I hadn't shared pictures of the room since the paint was completed. This should probably be a post on its own. The color is SO MUCH BETTER than before.
I think I'll hang a quilt on the blank wall by the door.

Ah, a design wall. It isn't perfect but it will serve its purpose. Do you like the baby quilt? I think it needs an inner border.

Desk and sewing table, obviously. Next project is all stacked and ready to go!

I like the new curtains on the closet. It hides my mess. Isn't the book shelf cute!

There you go. Pictures of my office. The only angle your missing is the attic door. If you really think you need a picture of it I'd be happy to take one!


Susan said...

Will Hannah have to get more braces after she has all of her adult teeth in? Or will this be it?

LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue!!! What color & brand is it? That is the exact color I want to use in my laundry room and the basement bath.

Amy Y said...

The office looks great!
I love Old Navy too but haven't been in forever... I'll live vicarously through you, thank you!

Coni Nelson said...

OH for cute - I love the blue toooooo!!! Ambers braces have gone well. unfortunately she is in the same boat as Hannah and will most likely need braces twice. Ambers cost about $2800 but we had to put 1000 down....

We also found out that Mallory needs surgery to bring down her 12 year molar that still has not come in and then BRACES........ and of course she has PERFECT teeth, beautiful teeth but this one molar can ruin it all if we don't fix it....... I think pulling it and getting an implant would be cheaper.....


ellen said...

Yes, Hannah could need braces again at about 13 if her adult teeth are crooked.

Faded Sea foam by Ralph Lauren.