Saturday, February 27, 2010


Although Seth just turned 4 he is rather independent. Here's a few things he likes to do all by himself. Not all the time, but most of the time...

- Get dressed. Seems simple, but what delights him is putting his clothes on backwards. I then spend the rest of the day saying, "Yes, his pants are backwards and he did it on purpose."

-Put on his shoes. Velcro only at this point, but he gets the shoes on the right feet. We'll work on tying later.

-Put on his coat.

- Buckle himself in the carseat.

-Cut with scissors. You've seen some of the things he cuts and builds with boxes.

-Get his own snack out. Which he says he doesn't need help with, but then two seconds later asks me to open for him.

-Make peanut butter sandwiches. Today he went a little overboard...

It's a science.

Peanut butter ran all over!

I wanted to add a few pictures of Seth enjoying the present he got in the mail from his Grandma Paula.

That's my little man. He's getting so independent.

Maybe he should learn to wipe all by himself now. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

They say it's your birthday!

I told you he wanted a pink cake! He picked out Diego instead of superhero's though.

Daniel and Seth celebrated their birthdays this weekend. My little guy, who isn't so little anymore, turned 4 yesterday. 4. F-O-U-R. Wow, four. He just keeps on getting bigger! We had a party for Seth in the afternoon and there were 6 of his little friends running around the house, playing with balloons! It was fun, yet very loud. Gee, kind of like a little kid birthday party.

In the evening we had a grown up version of a birthday party with some friends over for dinner. Nothing fancy. Just a good opportunity to see some of our friends, eat yummy food, and enjoy each others company. Daniel asked for Mario Cart for his birthday, so everyone played on the Wii. Kids and grown ups alike. Good times. I am glad Dan is a sport about sharing his birthday. No fussing over a pink cake (without his name on it too). He told me how good it was. See, I am lucky to have such a good husband.

Oh, I actually won at the basket raffle this year! Usually, it's a fun night out and a decent fund raiser for the kids. This year though, I won two baskets and two tickets to a Flyers game. Dan is excited to go to a hockey game. He hasn't been in quite a while. I know he'd prefer the Av's, but hockey is hockey, and free hockey is even better! I should have presented it to him as a birthday present. "Look honey, I got you hockey tickets for your birthday! Wasn't that an awesome idea!?"

Well, I have a quite a bit of school work that needs to be done, so I better get at it. Seth is so patient with me. He'll play or paint while I stare at the computer for a while. I can't get anything done that takes a lot of focus, but I can get some things accomplished. This will be a reoccurring theme over the next few years... twitch, twitch. I don't have classes next week (Spring Break). I'll hopefully get a lot of work done and maybe get some quilting time in. Maybe.

Happy birthday. I love you guys.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


What's been happening lately...

-We've had back to back snow storms that are unusual for the area.

- I've been doing lots and lots of homework. I missed a few classes because they closed campus with all the snow we've gotten, but I'm still doing well.

- I have squeezed in time to watch a few shows like Lost and American Idol, while either half-ass working on homework or binding a quilt.

-Seth has a cold. :( It doesn't slow him down one bit.

- Seth has a black eye too. He jumped into the bin of stuffed animals and smacked his cheek on the window sill.

- Hannah's school play is finally putting on their show next Thursday... when I have class. It's okay though, I can squeeze in and watch the morning show they put on for the school.

- Hannah only has one more thing to get down and she'll be on the team at gymnastics! A cartwheel on the balance beam. I could totally do that!

-Simon is.... doing just fine. We made the poor kid get another MRI because he gets headaches ALL the time, and everything looks good they say.

- I asked Simon to shovel one of our neighbors walk ways as a kind gesture and she paid him $5 for it. He was pretty happy about that. She's so sweet.

- Both Hannah and Simon got good grades. Simon got one B+ and it was only because he missed turning in some homework assignments. We've got some smart kids.

-Daniel is working and playing WoW.

- Seth and Daniel will be celebrating their birthday, which is technically Monday, this weekend with friends. One afternoon party for the kids and dinner with friends for Dan.

- I have to bake cupcakes for the basket raffle this weekend and I have to make a pink cake for Seth's 4th birthday. Yes, I said pink. With super hero's on it...

- I won one of the door prizes at quilt guild. Someday, I'll use it hopefully. I think the batik scraps in the clear take out containers is a cute idea.

There. Just a glimpse of what's been happening around here.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Snowy weekend

We had a lot happen on this snowy weekend of ours. Most importantly my aunt and uncle, who drove out to Long Island for a funeral, came down Friday night to see us on their way home. We also had a round of sleepovers, snow fun, and sledding.

Saturday the snow was coming down and we were expected to get up to 18" but that didn't deter my Aunt Vonnie.

They only had so much time allotted to driving back to Colorado so they decided to head out even though there was already a foot of snow on the ground. They made it fairly far into Pennsylvania before they hit a road closure. It was awesome that they went out of there way to come and see us. Makes ya feel special, know what I mean.

After they left we just hung out. I did homework while the kids went out and played in the snow with friends. (Ok, there was also the usual whining about being bored and having nothing to do.) Simon ended up staying the night at a friends house so Hannah invited over her friends. Good things they can all walk to each others houses!

Today, after lunch, we bundled up our little Eskimos and headed for the little hill at the park for some sledding. We all had lots of fun. Dan was with us and he gave extra big pushes so the kids flew over the jump. Even I caught some air.

If anyone is wondering I caught up with my Spanish class. There is a never ending "to-do" list for school though. I know I can do all the work, but it certainly keeps me busy. I get to do this for how many years?

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I had to take a break for a few minutes. I think my brain is about to ooze out of my ears. I inadvertently got behind (read- Ellen is an idiot and misread the syllabus) in my Spanish class so I am playing catch up. As quickly as I can. Go me, 3 weeks into a class and behind. Oh, and it's a 7 week course. I have no idea how I missed that when I signed up! Sure, no experience with Spanish at all... take a 1/2 semester course! Idiot.

Ok, so now that I'm done with my little pity party, how bout I tell you about the fabulous quilting on a beautiful quilt? And the cat that had to get in on the action.

I am really pleased with the quilting. It came out great. I dropped off my other purple quilt and it should be done around the end of March. Just in time for Easter Break so maybe I'll be able to get the biding sewn down then. Maybe. I stopped by the quilt store on my way home from school last week and picked up a few yards of stabilizer for the t-shirt quilt. It will probably get a film of dust on it before I get to use it, but if I get a few minutes here or there I can start working on it. Sanity breaks are necessary!

The baby quilt is ready to go to its new home. All tied up with soft minky as the backing. The mama is going in for her c-section next week. (Yes, I hate that she's having a c-section but won't say anything because that's what she wants.) Hopefully, I'll be able to go see her and the new baby girl once they're home and I can present her with an adorable, soft, and totally awesome, baby quilt.

Ok, better get back to Spanish. Hasta luego!