Tuesday, December 18, 2007


As of yesterday my middle child in now officially 7 years old. I swear they are growing up to fast! 6 was the roughest year in this boys life. Brain surgery kind of takes the cake in my book. I hope all the rest of his many, many years are better. He is truly a fantastic kid. So strong, brave, and lovable.

We had a little birthday party for him here on Sunday. He invited some of his friends from school. Now, as some of you may know Simon is full of energy. Multiply that by 6 and you have a serious party! It was loud and crazy but over in 2 hours. They had a great time playing games and doing the cake and presents bit. Dan saved the day by letting all the boys take turns playing Simon's new Lego Starwars game. I think Dan wanted the game as much as Simon did.

Once the party was over I had to bake cupcakes for Simon to take to class the next day. I was going to buy them but when I saw how much they cost I decided to do it myself. Simon came out of school yesterday wearing a yellow crown. Silly, but fun. He also got to choose what we had for dinner. Instead of Mickey D's he wanted Burger King. My stomach was none to happy about that for dinner.

Today I took him to the doctor so they could check the fit of his brace. It seems to be fine. While he's wearing the orthotic (brace) he is adjusted to from 26% to 14%. It doesn't mean that he'll correct to that number though. The goal is to keep it from getting worse. I asked again about how long he'll be in the brace and was told probably about 8 years as long as the curve doesn't worsen. I guess some people are just prone to scoliosis.

Being the mean mommy I am I took Simon to school after his appointment. He'll be marked as absent for the day because he wasn't present for attendance. Oh well. I'd rather he went to school to learn a few things than have him home griping about how bored he is and could he play on the X box.

Well, I better go put the Anise Cookies away and make some more ornaments while Seth is napping.

I still can't believe my little man is 7.

Oh, Simon gets to test for his High Yellow Belt tomorrow.


woman at the well said...

Simon is so OK with the brace, it is amazing. It is surprising to me what he can do, that he can go ahead and do the martial arts. I'm glad he seems OK.

Amy Y said...

Happy Birthday!!! He has had a tough year! Hope #7 goes along a lil smoother...

Good luck to him with the yellow belt!

Samantha said...

Happy birthday Simon! Wishing you a fantastic 7- it IS a lucky number, after all!

Lego Star Wars is the video game of choice at our house.Rich plays it, and both kids watch in awe. It's so funny! They beg him to play so they can watch...