Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween is crazy... a good way. I just find myself enormously busy right now. My office in all covered in plastic. Thankfully Dan didn't unhook all the computer parts and I could just plug my computer back in. I had missed a few important things because I didn't check my email, like getting the MOMS club calendar out. Ah. I hate it when I mess up. I know, I know, no one is perfect, least of all me.

What have we been doing for the last few days.... Lots.

Painting. I hate painting. I'd rather scrub toilets than paint. My room had to be painted though.
See, it needs to be painted. They had some built in desk here and apparently painted around it. Eew.

The color I bought is too light. I wanted a warm blue and this is well, baby blue. Yuck. It's all pastel. Today I went and bought two sample cans and am much happier with the these than the original one I bought.
I think I will go with the color on the right even though Dan and Hannah both like the one on the left the best. Which one do you like?

Friday night we had Hannah's sleep over. All went well. The only thing they argued over was who got to sleep on the air mattress. Really? Yeah. I did tell them if was a big deal and they fought about it I would let them all sleep on the hardwood floor. They worked it out. They had pizza, chips and soda for dinner. I let them decorate their own cupcakes.

Then on to manicures, followed by dress up, pj's and movie with popcorn, and in bed with lights out at 11 pm.

Yesterday we did laundry and painted mostly. We had originally planned to go to the Central Park Zoo but it was all rainy. We did carve our pupkins though.
I had to finish Hannah's for her. She wanted a complicated pattern, which I warned her about, and she got tired of doing it. Grrr. Oh, well. That's what mommy's are for, right? I toasted the pumpkin seed too. Yum.

Today has been busy. I got Seth's costume finally. When I got the other kids theirs I didn't like what I saw for him and they were expensive so I put it off. Anyway, I had limited options shopping 3 days before Halloween for a costume but I found one Seth wouldn't let go of and it was 50% off. Doesn't get much better than that. He is Elmo this year. He actually won't take the costume off.

After all my shopping we wolfed down lunch and ran over to the field to join in the annual Halloween Costume Parade. It's one of those cool things that make me love where we live. We did get there late so we didn't participate in the best costume judging but let's face it, we wouldn't have won with our unoriginal store bought stuff anyway. Hannah is a vampire, Simon and knight (he just wanted the sword), and little Elmo.
It was a long walk for Elmo and he fell asleep. I'll get good pictures of all the kids in their costumes for you to see.

Once we got home I had to bake cookies for Hannah to take to school so she can share on her birthday. I made my friends scrumptious pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

So, I am off to dinner with Tiff tonight. We were going to do our won moms night out and go to Great Adventure for Fright Night but we decided not to when Misty couldn't come. We are too old to stand around freezing our butts off while waiting for a roller coaster ride. I haven't been on a roller coaster since about 18 and I really don't mind waiting till next summer. I think we'll have to get passes next year.

I am in charge of the Fall Festival on Weds so I will be busy getting that together. I have to stop volunteering for things. It makes me all crazy!


woman at the well said...

I vote for the blue on the right. White trim?

Seth is ADORABLE in his Elmo outfit! I'll look forward to seeing them all in their outfits. Paul has decided to stay home and hand out treats this year ... He's about the age when I stopped going trick-or-treating. I wish we had some sort of a party to go to, it would help make the transition here better for him, I think.

I'm glad it all went smoothly for Hannah's party. What a relief to have it over.

Samantha said...

Hey- my cookies got a shout out :-) LOVE that sleeping Elmo, he's so cute. Glad to hear the birthday party went well- give her birthday greetings from all of us! FYI, the wall hanging looks fabulous in the background!

ellen said...

No, Paul isn't too old for trick or treating!!! I can't believe that. I am glad I have kids so I can go with them. Now, I don't need the candy anymore but it's fun to go.

Sam- You should share your cookie recipe because it is soooo good.

The wall hanging did make a nice back drop there didn't it.

Susan said...

I like the one on the left. It looks a little more muted, neutral blue. But I am into those muted relaxing colors right now.

Seth is so adorable. Glad the girls didn't drive you crazy on Friday.

Amy York said...

I like the blue on the left! The gray tones are pretty...

And that Elmo costume looks a lot like the Eeyore costume Tyler wore his first Halloween. So cute! And warm too...nice!

Hannah's party looks fabulous! Glad they had a good time...

We roasted pumpkin seeds the other day after carving pumpkins and did I get a single picture? No. Bad mommy blogger! :)

Susan said...

I just looked at the picture of your office again... Exactly how many different colors are in that room?!? I looks like at least 5.