Wednesday, December 19, 2007

'Tis the season... bake cookies. Fa la la la la la la la la.
Help! I have been buried under a mountain of cookies! I prepared the Anise Cookies on Monday night so I could bake them Tuesday morning. We also are going to give sugar cookies and an ornament as teacher presents this year. Which meant start baking! I totally cheated on the sugar cookies though. I bought a kit that even had the frosting mix in it. Phew, that made things easier. Still we had to do all the shape cutting, baking, and frosting. Seth's idea of helping was not helpful at all. He'd swipe the flour onto the floor and grab a handful of nice, smooth, flat, rolled out dough. His idea of frosting was the best. He frosted his hand instead of the cookie. His little hand was stained pink from the red dye. I think they had fun. I told them they could eat one when they were done frosting. Wow, I had some hyper kids at bed time.

I did manage to make a few more ornaments yesterday. Since I can't seem to stop myself from being crude I'll just ask. Would you like to see my balls?

At least they are pretty and decorative, no?


Amy Y said...

My, what pretty balls you have!! :)

The cookies look yummy too!!

Samantha said...

I can safely say those are the only balls I want to see when I'm online ;-)

ellen said...

I'm with you Sam!