Thursday, December 06, 2007

If it's not one thing, it's another

The dryer died yesterday. It will toss the laundry but not heat it! Yeah... it sucks. I swear we must have angered the gods or someone put a voodoo hex on us. The washer died last summer when we moved here, the hot water heater went out last year, the furnace gave us a bit of grief this fall, and now the dryer. I do wonder when we get a break. This stuff isn't cheap, ya know. Couldn't it have waited until after the holidays?

I just had to bi!^h and moan a bit. Thanks for listening. As if you had a choice, right? :)

Tiff very kindly let me use her dryer today to dry up a load that was sitting in the washer from yesterday. I have another load that has been tossed with cold air for hours and hours. I think it's approaching all dry now.

Oh, Simon is sleeping fine in his brace. He is such a trooper.


Susan said...

The joys of owning a home, especially a non-new one, right?

Luckily (I guess) we had to buy a bunch of our appliances before we moved in. And the sellers serviced the boiler for us too. The only thing we've replaced since we moved in is the microwave. It's only a matter of time before the water heater, dishwasher & stove go out for us.

So one day I will be in your boat too.

woman at the well said...

I'm willing to bet you could buy a new heating unit for the dryer. I'll ask Frank. It's electric, right?

I'm so glad Simon is sleeping OK in the brace!

Amy Y said...

Glad to hear Simon is sleeping Ok! What a great lil trooper!

Sorry about the dryer... On the plus side ~ surely there aren't too many more appliances that could crap out on you are there?? Ugh. What horrible timing though!