Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santa on the farm

We went to see Santa today at Longstreet Farm with the Erickson's. It's such a cool little place. I like that you don't have to stand in a huge line all day just to see Santa. Also, you can take your own picture or they'll take one and print it out for you. All they ask for is a donation. Seth had no interest in sitting on a strange mans lap. Can't say that I blame him. How often do we just hand our little ones over to some big fat man in a red suit? Once a year, yeah, yeah! I had to get in the picture too. I didn't have my camera out and ready so I just let them take one. It turned out to be out of focus but I don't really care.

Since it is a farm after all we went to see some of the animals.

The horses were a hit. My kids picked the grass off the ground and fed it to the horse. Once Seth saw the big kids do it he had to do it too. It made me nervous because he doesn't know how to hold his hand flat. The horse was using his lips to take the food but I still was a nervous mommy. We went up to the big house to look around (and get warm!). They had ginger snap cookies and warm cider in the kitchen. The lady finished in the kitchen and asked Hannah and Simon if they'd like to milk the cow.

Off to the barn we went. I couldn't believe how excited they were to try it. Both of them gave it a shot, or should I say a squirt! I couldn't get a good angle for a picture.
That's Simon's arm.
There's Hannah's arm.

Seth got to see a rooster too. He tried to say cock-a-doodle-doo! It was quite cute. Meanwhile Chloe talked up a storm the whole time. I asked Seth, "Are you listening? That's what you should be doing?" The boy barely talks still. He gets his point across, understands, and gets what he wants... just not a lot of words yet. He'll get there I know.

The rest of the day was spent playing with fabric to make some ornaments and me breaking down and helping Simon clean his room. I had asked for his room to be cleaned up before we left to see Santa. I even had Hannah go help him. When we got home I went in his room to vacuum and discovered they had stuffed things under his dresser and behind his desk. AHHH!!! I think they are trying to make me go insane. My father was right about some things. Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your kids.

At least my ornaments are cute!


Kathie said...

your day at the farm sounds like it was a big hit with all the children!
I just love that ornament...the plaids you used are wonderful!
This ornament is so my style! Did you use a pattern to make it?

ellen said...

Hi, Kathie. I found the free pattern from a blog I like.
Which linked too.

I don't think they are intended as tree ornaments. I used the smallest size first (the one pictured on my blog) and then adapted the pattern to go one smaller too. The free pattern is on the right hand side bar under "Free Grand Revival Patterns".

Hope that helps.

Susan said...

Tee hee. At least they attempted to clean; they did put things away somewhere. Just not where they belong.

Cade did the same thing this summer. He shoved his drawers full of toys. I found it later that day when he said there was no room in his drawers to put away his clean laundry.

Winnie said...

You guys are all bundled up! It looks cold there.