Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More farm hands

The older two have informed me they are moving here. They love the farm. Hannah is already having a sleepover with one of the girls she met here last summer. Hannah loves the idea of raising animals and isn't bothered by the fact that they are food later on. I on the other hand want to become vegetarian when I see the animals that will become steak and ham. The eggs from the chickens don't bother me though and we've eaten a lot of those! I mentioned a rooster that was sent off the other day. He was made into stew by the neighbor... that will be dinner tonight. Gulp.

Anyway, Hannah and Simon want to live here. They could be little farm hands. I think the novelty of the farm would wear off really quickly and the fun "chores" would become just that. Chores.

Simon is however allergic to something out here. Don't know what, but he is covered in hives. Poor kid. I told him to stay out of the hay for now. Sheer torture.

We are enjoying ourselves for the time we are here. I think that will make it all that more special. Who knew a farm would be such a hit. Hopefully, we can get the kids out here for the summer.

Yesterday's chore- clearing sticks from where the creek had flooded.

Simon's turn on the skid loader. Not as smooth as Hannah, but he got it.

Seth on the tractor with Mike.


Hannah filling the water trough for the cattle.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Little farmer girl

Hannah loves the farm. They all do. She learned how to drive a skid loader today. She delivered hay out to the cattle.

Mike explaining to Hannah where to go with the next load of hay.

She wants to help with everything related to the farm. Too bad she isn't that eager at home! They are all taking turns getting eggs from the hens. The mean roaster that was going after them was sent off today.

Tabby and Hannah each found an egg.


Simon's 10th birthday was 10 days ago. This picture cracked me up. He looks rather maniacal. Better keep him away from lighters...

He wanted to decorate cupcakes so I didn't decorate a cake. Instead I quickly attempted to write his name on a cupcake for him. He liked it.

We decorated cookies for Santa. The more frosting and decoration, the better! Santa's going to get fatter this year!

I made a small gift for mom. The ring pillow. It was Mike's idea.

Opened presents on Christmas morning before heading to the airport. It started snowing so bad the next day it shut down the airport. Dan is stuck home in all that snow.

Mom and Mike got married on the 26th. I am glad we got to be here for it.

Today we are having a second Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa at the farm

Long Street Farm is so awesome! We went to see Santa there today. The big kids opted out of sitting on Santa's lap. Good idea. Seth on the other hand hopped right on up and gave him the card he had made just for Santa. He asked Santa for a firetruck... Santa better go get a firetruck...

We wandered the farm looking at the house and all the animals on the farm. Hannah wants to go to Grandma's farm now. Just a few more days...

Old sewing room.

Cooking in the side house. It's in the high 30's today!

Happy barn cat.

Merry Christmas from our little family!

Monday, December 13, 2010


I met my newest nephew this weekend. I made a quick trip out to Denver to see Jack and Susan. He's adorable!

Jack and Mom.

Checking out Dad.

He looks awfully cute with his new quilt too! That was my big surprise project. Jack's quilt. I also made a diaper bag, called the Nappy Bag, and the changing pad that comes with it. Susan already has an awesome diaper bag but I couldn't help but make the bag. I hope she likes it as much as I do.

I quickly popped in to see a few friends for coffee, (I wish I had time to see all of my wonderful friends in Denver. I felt so much guilt about being there and not being able to see everyone) I saw my Aunt and one of my cousins, and I saw my little brother and his fiance. Otherwise, I helped out with the new baby. I did what I could to help anyway. Laundry, dishes, dinner, etc. I wish I could be around to help more, but we are many, many miles apart. Snuggling a brand new baby was a pretty awesome part of the trip too!

So, now I am back where I can do my own laundry, dishes, and dinners. I have finals this week and next week too. The holidays shouldn't coincide with finals. I haven't done Christmas cards or ornaments this year. If you get an e-card, you know why...

Monday, December 06, 2010

A tree and ribbons

We ventured out to get our Christmas tree already. With finals being next week I didn't want to wait too long to get a tree. Then I'd be all stressed out about getting the decorations up while I was trying to fill my brain with enough knowledge as possible so I can ace all my classes. Ok, maybe not ace, but pass and hopefully I'll retain some of that knowledge.

Hannah had her third gymnastics meet of the season. She did a great job and was able to get her second qualifying score so she gets t0 go to state. I think that is awesome since this is her first year competing. She still has one more competition in two weeks. She gets better and better. She do so well on bars that she got a third place ribbon! Yay, Hannah!

I truly wish I had some awesome quilts to show you, but I don't. *sniffle*

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Schoool, school, school

This school thing is keeping me pretty busy. And then the kids always have something going on. Busy, busy. I have two group projects going on. We did the presentation for one of them today. Friday I have a head to toe assessment I have to perform in front of my professor and lab instructor. Hope I don't forget anything. Hannah was a willing guinea pig this evening and let me practice on her. Finals are the following week. Then, I get a big break. It'll be awesome. I am going to read books for fun, watch movies, and quilt!

I do have a wonderful project I completed and I want to share all of it with you. First it has to be given to the recipient.

So, aside from the daily grind and mass chaos I call life, not much is going on... ;)

Thankfully I have some cute moments to add in.