Wednesday, November 25, 2009

College bound

I got some exciting news, I got into Georgian Court University's nursing program, and I start in January! I am very excited, yet nervous and scared. I've been a stay at home mom for so many years this will be a complete change of pace for our whole family. I've got a lot of things to figure out in the next month-ish before school starts. Mostly what were gonna do with Seth while I'm at school. It'll all work out. Baby steps here. I still can't believe I'll be a full time student so soon! Yay me!

A little Simon update- he is doing great. He seems to be mending just fine and hasn't turned into a werewolf yet. We're keeping a close eye on him though. When's the next full moon?

I had fun preparing some of our Thanksgiving foods for tomorrow. Pies are being brought to us so I didn't make them this year. The kids helped me make dinner rolls from scratch. I've always purchased them before. They're really easy to make. Time consuming but easy. Hopefully they'll taste as good as they look!

From this:

To this:

We also made cranberry sauce.

I am eagerly anticipating eating all the delcious food tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy your four day weekend.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Emergency room visit

My son was bitten by a dog today. He went to the neighbors house to deliver the Cub Scout popcorn they ordered. Their dogs burst out of the door and went after him! Once we knew the bite had punctured his skin we knew he had to go to the ER. I actually ran over to the neighbors house and told/yelled them that this was absolutely NOT OK and I was taking my son to the ER and filing a police report.

Simon was great at the hospital. They had to flush the wound and bandage it. They apparently don't stitch dog bites. Thank God these people give their dog all their shots or we'd have to get Simon a rabies shot! He has to be on antibiotics though.

We talked to the police after we got home and filed a report. The hospital also files one with the health department. In a few days I can go in to file the formal complaint. I'm sure the neighbors love their dog but a dog that goes after a child unprovoked isn't a good dog and something will be done about it. One of our other neighbors saw it happen (silly me thought it'd be ok for my son to go to a friends house without his mommy) and he already told some of the other neighbors and he said he'd talk to the police for me if we needed it. Gotta love a small community! They even came over after we were home to make sure Simon was ok and they brought him a gift. So sweet!

I took some picture right before they bandaged Simon's leg up. I can't believe what this dog did to my kid. What if the dog hadn't stopped after just one bite? What about the rest of the neighborhood kids?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rag quilt part 2 and New Moon

All the raw edges were clipped and this was before I washed it.

All washed up!

The rag quilt is off to its new home. As is the last baby quilt I made. I went to the post office yesterday. It's nice to be done with a few projects. I have a big paper to do for my English class so I don't think I'll be playing with fabric this weekend. Maybe if I get the paper done quickly... 5 pages shouldn't be too hard...

Last night Hannah, Tiff and I went to see the midnight showing of New Moon. We got to the theater at like 10 pm and there were a lot of people already there. Most of them in Twilight shirts! They had 4 theaters showing it. The movie was pretty much what I expected it be and Hannah loved it. There were many oh's, ah's, and hooting during the movie. I loved that people gasped at times during the movie. Seriously? You wouldn't be in the theater if you weren't a bit of a twihard, that probably means you've read ALL the books, and you're surprised when something happens? Really? I have to say, the eye candy was yummy even if some of it was jail bait...

I got Hannah home and in bed by 3 am. She got up at 7 for school without a complaint. I expect by the end of the day she'll be quite the grouch. I'm fine but I don't require as much sleep. I'm glad I got to go do this with her. Not to say that every movie she wants to see at midnight we'll go to but at least I know she can handle it.

Picture taken on Tiff's phone.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rag quilt

Rag quilts are so awesome. Quick, easy, adorable, soft and cozy. It shouldn't take long to finish up and then I can slowly begin the wedding quilt. I might hold off on it until Christmas break though. I'll have a break from school which means I might actually be able to accomplish some crafting!

I decided to make this quilt 30" x 35" with 5" finished blocks. (The layout will be 6 x 7 which would give you 42 blocks on the front. 42 for the back as well.) Cut 84 6" blocks. Sew the front and back together at the same time, with the raw edges on the front side, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Once it's all sewn together, stitch 1/2" around the outside too, clip the raw edges, and wash it up. Done.

I'll show you the results when I'm done. You can make the blocks any size you want. You can even add batting in the middle for added warmth but you have to stitch it down to secure it. Really, these quilts are fun and easy. Clipping the raw edges is the challenging part but with a good pair of spring action scissors it goes much faster.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Fabric and trebuchets

It was so wonderful to go to the fabric store all by myself! No small people to distract me. Just me, myself, and I. I brought home some yummy batiks for a wedding quilt. I made an executive decision about the color way. I think this is going to be awesome!

Since I don't have a lot of quilt action going on here I'm going to post progress pictures as I go. The recipient won't be shocked by the gift but at least they'll know I worked hard on it. I still maintain my return policy. If you don't like it please give it back. I can always use another quilt in my house and I can always buy someone a blender instead. :)

While I was out gallivanting around I also went slumming at Joann's.

I picked up some flannels for a quick baby quilt and a few fun ones to make pillow cases for the kids. The little stinkers have already seen the fabrics so there's no surprising them now! Also during my trek I noticed that my car was shaking pretty bad. Now, I don't speak Car and Driver but I do know that this is a bad thing. We were planning on going to the Punkin Chunkin in Delaware and I wasn't ok with the idea of driving my car all the way down there and back. I'd hate to get stranded 3 hours away from home. Our wonderful friends helped us out so we could still go by letting us use their car. It was tight fit in a Jetta but we knew the car wouldn't have any problems with the trip. Only good friends let you take their car to another state!

The punkin chunkin was... interesting. It's hard for the kids to track the thrown pumpkin and you couldn't see where they landed either. Then the kids had to wait for the next attempt to track the thrown pumpkin. Boredom set in. I think the grown men had more fun than the kids.

Unfortunately, it wasn't interesting enough to hold the kid attention for very long though. After driving 3 hours there they were ready to go home after 2 hours. Oh, well. It was easier to head out than to watch the kids get crankier and crankier. Oddly, it was a hot day in the sun and they had to stand. Take chairs if you go.

Oh, and if you're ever driving down HW 13 in DE and the speed limit sign says 45, slow down quickly, the tickets are expensive. He pulled two of us over at once. How's that for efficiency.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Once upon a time...

...there was a blog that belonged to a creative quilter. The quilter went missing and was replaced by a half crazed mommy/student. Not so crafty anymore. It's hard to not have the creative juices going right now. I've got a few weddings coming up and I swear everyone is getting pregnant (not me though, phew!) so there are quilts to be made. With the holidays staring us in the face I feel some pressure to deliver with my usual hand made gifts and lots of baked goodies. I'm going to at least make my ornaments.

Christmas is a while away so I'll worry about that later. (The Art of Procrastination- 101)

I wanted to share the silly little game the girls played at Hannah's party last weekend. Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, we played "Pin the Kiss on Edward." It was pretty funny to watch and they all thought it was fun to play.

Seth thought Hannah's gift bags were toys. Well, aren't they?

Where'd Seth go?

There he is!

Yeah, he still thinks that's fun to play. Hide and Seek, baby. You're never too old for it.

Since last Saturday with Hannah's party and all the Halloween fun I attended a birth with my doula client Z. It was a long labor which none of us expected. She went nice and slow for it being her second time around but she did get to have a natural birth like she wanted. I love that I got to be there for the birth of both of her boys. It really does make me feel special.

I'm taking a "me day" tomorrow and going to the quilt store in Pennington. All alone! It'll be odd to be up in that neck of the woods and not to see my mom. I haven't had a reason to head up to the Princeton area since they left. Yummy fabrics are calling me and I think that's a good reason to go. Spend some of that money I earned as a doula. After 12 hours at the hospital I definitely earned it.

I eeked out a bit of time here and there to finish up the baby quilt I was working on. It isn't very baby-ish but I went for soft fall colors since the baby was born in the fall.

Seth wanted in on the picture taking action.

I also whipped out a little 6" block for the quilt guild. Every year they do something for the current guild president. They'll present all the signature blocks to her in December.

Maybe I'll have some enticing fabrics to share with you tomorrow. If anything I'll have some pictures to show you next week because we're going to the Punkin Chunkin down in Delaware. Sadly we can't get our nephew while we're there but we tried.