Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas and Chocolat Quilt

Christmas was wonderful. Nice and quiet. If you know most of my family there is usually some type of drama at every holiday so sometimes it's nice to be thousands of miles away. :) Santa was good to the kids and brought Hannah and Simon scooters and Seth got a tricycle. The trike will be great for the summer time. They were trying them out in the house until I told them it was ok to play outside. I mostly didn't want them waking up the whole neighborhood at 7 am.

My mom and Paul came over to enjoy Christmas dinner with us and open presents. I love how close we are. It make the get togethers so much easier. Oh, and I got some good stuff as presents. My husband got me a GPS (sweet!) and my mom got me an awesome coat and sweater. I am so lucky.

Other than Christmas stuff things have been pretty mellow.

I've gotten a bit of work done on my latest quilt top. No surprise but I went with the larger block size. I love this yummy fabric line. Chocolat designed by 3 Sisters for Moda.

Finished all 25 circle. Yea for compasses.

Ironed the shapes onto the back side of the fabrics and then cut them out.

Peel backing paper away. Leaving fusible web on fabric. Coolest stuff ever.

Fold to find center of the square and circle. Line it all up with pin.

Now, what color thread to use? Same color for all circles? Different colors to match fabrics? Hmm.


Amy Y said...

That fabric is so pretty! Glad you had a nice Christmas! :)

Kathie said...

I love this line of fabric! I still have mine saving it for a special project some day.
when I use the fusible web like that I cut out the circle and the cut out within an 1/4 of an inche of the outer edge I want ...this way all the wonder under is not still in my quilt just the 1/4th of an inch seam allowance.
then save that piece of wonder under for another project.....
just a suggestion