Sunday, December 23, 2007

Winter Break

Ah, winter break is here. A whole week off of school for the kids. Which means I get to sleep in a bit (maybe a half hour) and I have to entertain the kids all day long so they don't turn into couch potatoes.

Since my last post Simon took the test for his next belt. He got an orange belt. Yeah, for Simon! I have to say I am confused about the orange belt and will ask about it next week. I guess sometime between giving him the test form that said "high yellow" on it and the actual test day they decided to do away with the high belts in the lower colors... or something like that.

Thursday Simon's class had a little caroling performance. It was so cute. I am hoping one of the moms will get some of the pictures she took emailed to me. I ran out the door without my camera! For shame! After their little performance they got to have a snack which consisted of sugar with some sugar on top of it. Wow, those kids were wired after the cupcakes, cookies, and juice.

(Edited to add photo and video)

Yesterday, I went on a hunt to find fusible web for my next quilt. I am going to cheat and fuse circles to a large square and then quarter it to make drunkards path blocks. Confused? I'll show pictures as I go. The only thing I am still debating on is how large I want my final block size to be. The lazy part of me wants big 8" blocks but then I think it'd look cute with 4" blocks. When I am talking about a queen size quilt it makes a huge difference! We're talking maybe 100 8" blocks or 400 4" blocks. Phew, that makes the bigger size sound so much better already!

In my quest to find mass quantities of fusible web I went to a quilt store not to far from my moms. Paul and mom met me there. It's so cool that I can see her that easily. After buying my webbing and a book (merry Christmas to me!) we stopped in at Starbucks for a a cup of Chai. Mmm, Chai. I am going to go back to this quilt store soon. Love their stuff! Maybe I can drag Misty with me... there is a cute yarn shop right next door to it.

Dec 22nd also marks my baby's 22nd month. He is almost 2. Really, it's right around the corner! Tick, tick, tick. I am not ready for this. I should have been warned about this. 2 is no longer a baby, 2 is definitely on it's way into toddlerhood and so close to kid. 2.... I don't like it.

Just in case I don't post again before Christmas...


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Amy Y said...

Merry Christmas to you guys too! Your card was great ~ you are such a photogenic family :)