Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Assorted things

The new dryer got here this morning! Hooray!!! I have quite a bit of laundry to get done today. We decided on a new one because the old one also had a habit of catching the clothes and tearing them up. It literally ripped one of my bras in half. The new one is pretty, shiny, has lots of buttons, and holds a bigger load too! Oh, and best of all it drys the clothes in like 40 minutes! (I am easy to please, aren't I?

Seth and I were supposed to go to a playgroup this morning but seeing as he has bright green buggers coming out of his nose and a cough I opted to stay home. Since we are all home, Dan is sick too, laundry will get done. Dan went to the doctor yesterday (he will only go if he is close to deaths door) and he has a double ear infection and we'll find out today if he has strep! Ah, will we ever be healthy again? I swear the school year starts and the germs come flowing in the front door. It's tempting to live in a bubble sometimes. Anyway, the doctor thinks it's a possibility that Seth gave Dan strep. I hope so because the little guy just got done with a round of antibiotics for his ear infection and I hate to have to give him more. The poor kid had the trots the whole time he was on them! (Don't you love how much I share?) So far the rest of us seem ok.

This last weekend we got our tree up. Hannah is already a tree hugger!

It looks very nice in the dining room with all it's decorations on it.

We had to turn the table sideways so there isn't as much room but it will do. We got the tree on Saturday. When we got it home and all set up for decorating and we found out that our string of lights was half dead... it's always something isn't it? I was meeting the girls for coffee in a few hours so I decided to wait and hit Target in the morning. Alone. All alone... ahhhh. I was able to pick up some Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. I am amazingly almost done with the shopping!

Oh, and since I didn't have time to make a Christmas themed wall hanging I put a quilt I already have up. I think it looks pretty festive. What do you think?


Amy Y said...

Sorry to hear about all the goobers floating around your home. Hope everyone is back to normal soon!
Love the tree & the quilt and your new dryer sounds perfect! :)

woman at the well said...

The quilt looks beautiful!! Room looks great, too. Remember that Paul was a carrier for strep and we didn't even know he had it. I am extraordinarily vulnerable to strep ... get those antibiotics flowing before Sunday :) Good news on the dryer. It's the little things that make life more enjoyable - like, not going to laundermats and being able to go shopping ALONE.