Saturday, December 01, 2007

More braces

Oh boy, I feel like I haven't posted in forever but it's only been a few days. Things are chugging along as usual. This week seemed to be all about Hannah but not in a way that she really liked.

On Tuesday I took her to the orthodontist. When we saw the dentist a few months ago (yea, again I am a slacker) he told us she needed to go see an orthodontist. Well, the kid needs braces. She has what's known as a cross bite. Lucky us, two kids in braces at once. Just two different and probably equally expensive braces. Hannah isn't amused with this turn of events at all. We've all told her to trust us that she'll like having a beautiful smile with straight teeth when she is older.

Wednesday was parent teacher conference time. Both kids got good reviews. Hannah apparently likes to point out when people are wrong, even the teacher. Ah, oops. Simon is doing well academically but he blurts out answers without raising his hand. Self control is something he is still learning.

Then on Thursday I had to take Hannah to the optometrist. She repeatedly told me, "I don't want braces and glasses!" Ah, tough sh^t if that's the case kid. I had to get her eyes checked because the school nurse did a screening and found her to be 20/50. Great. Since our insurance plan covers every 24 months for routine screening for kids we had to pay out of pocket for this one. 88 smackeroo's for an exam. Part of the exam would have been to dilate her eyes but for 20 extra dollars they can take a digital image of the interior of the eye and they'd have it on file for future reference. Grr. What's another 20 bucks, right? Let's just roll it on over a $100 shall we to save her the discomfort of having her eyes dilated....grr.

Her eyes are fine. Can I send the school a bill?

Thursday was a good day though. I had my first Stitch and Kvetch with the MOMS Club. It turned out to be Misty and wonderful lady that Misty has been raving about, Susan. I had a great time. Coffee, muffins, scones, sewing, and best of all a well behaved Seth. I am working on a table runner that I actually pieced for the quilt store a few years ago. It's pretty nice but I am not sure if it will go with my other holiday stuff. This feels more formal to me.

Today my mom came over to try taking our Christmas card picture again. We had tried on Thanksgiving but we lost the light outside and most of the pictures where just a touch to dark. My kids also looked a bit disheveled. Today was a success. We got a picture where all of us looked good. My mom also got the picture at the top of the post too. Hannah's so darn cute. She'll still be adorable with braces too.


Amy Y said...

Braces aren't too bad... Why are they starting her already, though? Are all her grown up teeth in already?

Susan said...

Tell her she can be like her Aunt Susu & have to get braces at 30! AND have to pay all the expenses caused by not getting her teeth corrected early on.

But seriously I was her age when I had my braces the first time. If she wants to find out what it is like, she can ask me any questions she wants.

Winnie said...

I miss the kids! When are you coming back to Seattle? ;-)

Samantha said...

Love that picture of you and Hannah! Send her our love about the braces...

ellen said...

The braces shouldn't be to bad at all. They are starting her now because as her teeth grow down it will be harder to move them over her bite.

Winnie, we'll come back when you can get Dan a high paying job and our house out here sells!