Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Today as I walked out of the grocery store with a screaming toddler under one arm I had to ask myself a question. Is this actually my sweet son or perhaps the spawn of Satan? You see, he is all toddler and some days that means he is enchanted by the world around him and then sometimes he totally loses his cool.

There is a train suspended in the air at Wegman's. He loves to look up at the train as we walk by it. Today the train wasn't moving. We looked at it and then went on to finish up our shopping. He kept wanting to go back to it and I did my darnedest to distract him but he had other plans. He melted. Puddled on the floor and began his temper tantrum.

I thought to myself, "Are you freakin' kidding me!!"

He won't walk, he won't cooperate, we've reached thermonuclear meltdown folks. I tried to carry him on my hip but he hit me so I faced him forward. All the while I am trying to navigate one of those monstrosities of a cart that has the stupid car on the front. They are so very hard to steer. I got to the check out lines and they were kind of long. Thankfully they opened a line and got me checked out as quickly as possible. It was one of two things. Either, "Oh, let's help that poor mom" or "Hurry and get that damn kid out of here." Either were fine for me!

Once I wrangled him into his car seat I closed the car door and just stood there for a moment enjoying the quiet. Sweet, blessed quiet. Breath.

By the time we got home he was done. I think it's funny that once the fit is over they are just sad from getting all worked up. They don't even remember why they started crying in the first place. I wiped more buggers off his splotchy little face, gave him a big hug, and got him a snack.

He is now down for an early nap.


Amy Y said...

Whew! What a morning you had!
I sometimes miss my kids at this age... and then I read things like this and remember what life was really like (not what is in my photographs) and am happy we're past it! :) Though I miss the sweet moments still...

woman at the well said...

There was a train in the store in Cheyenne - same deal, if it wasn't moving, he was upset. I don't remember exact melt-downs, but if stores intend to entertain kids, they need to be consistent! It's always hard to know what to do - one time with you, I just left everything and walked out and told you we couldn't eat dinner that night because we couldn't buy any food. It seems to me now, in a 30-year-memory, that you behaved pretty well after that.

ellen said...

Seth rarely has full melt downs. Usually he is great in the store.

Mom- You probably scared the pants off of me. I've always liked to eat! :)