Tuesday, December 04, 2007


No real tornado, that is just the name of the colorful pattern on Simon's new brace. Should I call him the Tasmanian Devil now? How appropriate that would be!

The appointment today was very long. They tried it on him, made some marks on it, and then took it downstairs to cut it. Again they put it on, made more adjustments, made marks, and took it to trim it. We had to be shown how to put it on correctly. Once we were shown then we had to put it on him to see if we got it. I think we're gonna be ok. It is hard to make sure it's all lined up right and sitting correctly. We'll be old pro's in no time.

The first week he'll just wear it to bed. We are to put it on about an hour before bed. It should be at it's tightest setting and then right before bed we can let it out a bit. Once we've all mastered wearing it for sleeping he'll start wearing it to school the next week. I'll have to talk with the nurse about helping him in and out of it for gym class. What a mess that will be.

All in all I think things will be ok. I am sure he'll be kind of sore since it pushes on one side of his ribs and supports/pokes up into the armpit of the other side.
Seth jumped right on into the pictures. The cute part is he is wearing a pair of pj's that were Simon's. It's hard to imagine Simon that small.

I'll let you know how the first night goes. I might get as much sleep as a mom with a newborn but so far he's sleeping soundly. He did gripe about it quite a bit when he had to lay down though.


Amy Y said...

What a trooper he is! I loved Seth joining in too :)

woman at the well said...

Oh, Ellen, this is such a challenge! I envisioned a more metal contraption - like the leg braces polio victims wore when I was a kid (dating myself now.) But it is still formidible looking. I'm assuming it is higher on one side as part of the correction. Oh, I hope he can sleep and you all can sleep. Not sleeping just makes everything seem worse. What size clothes do you need for him now?

Coni Nelson said...

He is an amazingly resilient child - good job and kuddos for being resilient parents!

Love you guys lots...