Sunday, February 27, 2011

Party on, Dude!

I made Seth a special cake with a little dirt and some worms. Every boy's dream, right? It was delicious in my opinion.

In order to make an awesome birthday cake, you need helpers that like cake batter. It's a must for a successful cake baking experience.

Hannah and Simon are very helpful when it comes to taking pictures. I wish Simon wasn't blurry in the picture, because it's kind of cute.

The weather was very cooperative today. The kids were able to play outside which was so wonderful. It's been so cold and yucky for far too long.

I am hoping to have a rather productive week. I am on Spring Break this week! Of course, I have a few tests as soon as I get back, but let's not dwell on the reality of all the studying I need to do. Let's instead focus on a few free days to quilt! I am also looking forward to this weekend. First off, it's my 35th birthday. I am not sure how I got to be 35 already. It seems so old, yet I don't feel old, so I must not be old yet. Also on Saturday, I get to see Ina May Gaskin! I am sure that all of you just said, Ina May who? She is a renowned homebirth midwife. I am very excited to hear her talk. Yes, yes, I am a dork and I am okay with it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello out there

Hello, little blog of mine. Is there an echo in here? How have you been? Lonely, I bet. Sorry, I've been distracted by school.

I am sitting in a quiet room between classes. I had Nutrition and Microbiology so far today. I just ate my lunch I brought from home and I have another hour until Micro lab begins. Thought I might pop in and say, "Hi."

Yesterday was a big birthday day in our house. Dan and Seth share the same birthday. My little man just turned 5 (We won't mention how old Dan is, except to say he's older than me!). One whole hand old. He seems so big to me sometimes and yet at other times he seems so little. He can't read yet, but he is getting close. He'll pick it up when he's ready (can you tell he's my third). He can add like crazy. He told me yesterday that 5 and 5 and 5 and 4 is 19... why yes, yes it is... He loves all things that a little boy would like; cars, trucks, tractors, legos, building blocks, sports, etc. He also loves to play on the computer and video games just like his older brother and sister. He likes to drive them crazy too and I think that might be the primary responsibility of the youngest sibling.

I have to add, I am so lucky to have three wonderful kids, and a wonderful husband, that put up with me going back to school. There are days when I have to go get them from three different houses because they had half days. So crazy some times. My friends are so pivotal to my success in getting through school. If they didn't help me out I wouldn't be able make it!

I digress. Where was I again? Ah, yes... birthday boys. We went out for dinner last night with a few friends. Seth wanted hibachi which we were all in favor of. Who doesn't like hibachi or sushi? It was a nice night out. We are having a kid birthday party for Seth on Sunday, so it was nice to have a more adult dinner with friends for Dan.

Tonight Simon will take yet another Belt Test. He is getting very close to his Black Belt! I am very proud of him for sticking it out. He wants to quit, but we're pushing him to complete this. I think he'd feel an enormous sense of pride in himself if he gets his Black belt.

So, that's how we are right now in a nut shell. I am still alive, yet busy and insane. Midterms are in two weeks, eek!

Happy Birthday to my birthday boys! Love you guys!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fabric comfort zone

I am leaving my fabric comfort zone and working with some Civil War reproduction fabrics. I do love the simplicity of the fabrics. The colors are muted and blend nicely together. In the line of simple thinking, I think the pattern should be simple too. After all, most quilts in the mid 1800's were for utilitarian use. They were made with scraps from clothes that either were worn out or too small for any other use. I'm going to make a queen sized quilt with 6" nine patch blocks on point. A basic pattern to help show off the style of the fabrics.

Soon this pile of strips will be ironed, cut, and sewn into nine patch blocks. 99 blocks...

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Good day

I'm having a good day today. It's nice to have days like this. Why, you ask?

- Slept in. Great start, no?
- Made pancakes for Hannah and her friends that slept over.
- Went to Adventures in Health with Hannah.
- Went to the mall with Hannah. We had lunch and did some shopping.
- I've got zucchini bread in the oven right now. The smell of the zucchini bread is permeating the house...

So, far so good, don't you think. Maybe I can get some quilting in tonight too!

The big kids both got straight A's on their report cards this marking period, so we're going to take them out for a treat tonight. Our kids are such dorks (just like Dan and I) that they think going to Barnes and Noble to get a book and getting a drink at Starbucks is a treat. Aren't they awesome?

School is going well. Next week we have competency testing in Nursing and Pharmacology. Then it's on to the hospital the following week!