Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear fabric,

Oh fabric, dear sweet fabric, you make me so happy!

Thank you,

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Wow, we did a lot in Kansas in just a few short days! The kids LOVED the farm. They really didn't want to leave. I think if they had to feed chickens everyday they wouldn't like it very much, but for them, helping on the farm was a novelty. Helping at home, well that's kind of like torture.

Hannah loved the chickens and the one barn cat that would let her pet him. She named him Taylor for some reason. Hannah also loved playing with a young girl out there who's about her age. She was invited over to her house on Friday and got to see piglets that were just a few hours old. I have to say, meeting the meat you eat... well, it makes me want to be a vegetarian...

Here are few pictures of some of the things we did. I didn't have my camera at the pool or when we had our BBQ. I am sure there are other things I missed like Mom and picking and pickling beets, putting up 4 quarts of corn, etc. We even went to a county fair. Phew, we packed a lot in.

Hannah caught a chicken.

Hannah and Simon in the creek.

Picking peaches.

Indulging me at a small quilt display at KSU.

Picking corn.

Children of the corn!

Riding on the tractor.

Grinning from ear to ear!

Washing the hogs. God do they smell...

I loved the chickens walking all over the yard and the fantastic old farm house.

And, I liked this shot of the moon over the farm on the last night we were there.

Vacation is over. Yay and boo. Back to normal. I had some fabric I ordered waiting at home for me. Hopefully some of my upcoming posts will have quilts in them!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Red Feather Lakes

I hadn't been up to Red Feather Lakes since I was a kid. My dad used to take me up there camping and fishing just like he'd done when he was growing up. We usually went to Dowdy Lake though. This summer we went with Mike's (my Mom's fiance) family to a reunion at Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch. It was a great little resort nestled into the mountains. There were little things that I liked. Like how cold the water was and how good it tasted, and I love the smell of the mountain air even if the air is thin up there. It's weird to be winded in the mountains. Guess we've lived at sea level too long.

We hiked.

Watched the horses.

Gathered around a camp fire.


Conquered small mountains.

And, spread my dad's ashes here.

It was a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Best mom ever goes to...

Sam and I! We took our girls to see a Jordin Sparks concert. It was actually pretty fun. We had some yummy dinner first and then off to the show. Sam's daughter and Hannah insisted on meeting one of the open act musicians, Ashlyne Huff.

Even though we didn't know any of the music it was a blast. Jordin Sparks is adorable and talented.

Oh, I did know one of her songs, "No Air." I couldn't figure out how I knew it and finally it dawned on me that they did a cover of the song on Glee and I have the soundtrack!

We survived, but we didn't get any medals or awards...

Lifeguard on Duty

Denver, I love you. I always know which direction I am facing. I always know where I am. Your beautiful mountains are always to the west, thank you.

We've had our usual whirlwind visit with friends and family. It so awesome to see everyone. Let's see if I can summarize what we've done so far...

-Dinner's with family.
-Time with my aunt while she did my hair.
-Dinner with friends.
-Birthday breakfast.
-Fabric shopping at Fancy Tiger!

-Two BBQ's.
-Swimming at the Boulder Reservoir.

-More eating out with family and more swimming.
-Breakfast at Snooze.

We are having a great time. I think the only drama we've had so far is when we were at the Boulder Reservoir. The kids had to pass a test to swim out in the lake. Simon barely passed. The lake was really chilly. Probably has something to do with the fact that the water is snow run off from the mountains. Anyway, the stubborn kid wanted to swim out to the platform with his sister. I knew this was a bad idea, but he wouldn't listen to me. What do I know, I am only his mother. We went over what to do if you're struggling to swim so the life guards know you need help, etc. Hannah swam with his so she could help too. He barely made it out to the platform. Can you simultaneously be scared for their life and pissed as shit because they didn't listen to you? On the swim back he was dog paddling... not good. He got about half way back and I could see Hannah helping him. (The lifeguard had been watching the whole time.) Simon threw his hand up in the air and before the lifeguard hit the water another adult swam right out to him before I was more than waist deep in all my clothes...

He learned something. He isn't a good swimmer. Why does he have to be the one that learns the really hard way? He told me he never wanted to swim again. That is until the next day when he begged to jump off the high dive. I said no. If you can't touch, you can't be in the pool. Period.

Hopefully we won't have anymore drama!

Today we head to Pirates Cove for more swimming. Dinner with more family tonight. This weekend we are going to Red Feather Lake and then we are heading out to Kansas to see my mommy's farm!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Colorful Colorado

We are enjoying our stay here in Denver...

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Beach, garden, sewing, and a trip

We are leaving for a two week vacation on Thursday.... nothing crazy, just a visit home.

Do any of you get all nervous about leaving on trips? I get all nervous and start thinking about everything. Will the garden make it? How will the flowers do? Do you leave the window unit on so the cats don't roast while we're gone? I also keep thinking of things we need to do or take. Laundry, pack, don't forget swimsuits, don't forget the camera... I think I might drive myself crazy...

Since I never have enough to do anyway, today we got Simon's new scoliosis brace, ran by the grocery store for a few last minute things, hit the library, came home for lunch, and then went to the beach.

Simon and Hannah love splashing in the waves.

Yes, Seth covered my pasty white legs with sand.

Hannah is at gymnastics right now and Simon just got home from Tae Know Do. A full, full day. Fun too.

For dinner tonight I pulled some veggies right out of my garden! I love that. We had a small batch of green beans and I got the first zucchini of the season! I am a big dork. I know it. Lots of people probably have awesome gardens full of yummy veggies, but I have a small garden and I am delighted with the little I get.

Yes, I need to pull the weeds...

The zucchini looks rather small in this picture. It was still on the smallish side. I could have left it to get bigger, but well, I wanted to eat it!

I have done a bit of sewing. I have 13 out of 16 blocks done. I like seeing all the blocks coming together.

Me and my daddy.

When I get back from our trip I am going to have to quilt like a mad woman to finish all the projects I wanted to get done.

Tomorrow we pack! Our flight is early on Thursday.

Saturday, July 03, 2010


It's becoming an annual tradition for us to be part of the Kazoo Band in Ocean Grove's Independence Day Parade! It's quite fun to be in a big group of people all playing songs like Stars and Stripes Forever on kazoos.

As usual my older two didn't want to be photographed. I snuck one of Hannah while we waited for the parade to start though.

This is how it goes...

First, some practice.

Our leader, Heather. She totally rocks! She puts this whole thing together.

Now, we wait...

... and play while we wait.

Then we march! Or, walk forward-like in a large mass.

When it's over we eat some lunch and have some yummy ice cream at Day's. Then, if you're a little guy and the walk was long and hot, you crash out in the car on the way home.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!