Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back in the saddle again

They're back! Today is the first day of the school year! Both kids woke up easily, got dressed, ate their breakfast, brushed their teeth, and helped get ready to go! I wonder how long that will last? They only have half days this week. Why? I have no idea.

I thoroughly enjoyed our summer but I am happy to be back in the school routine. We did a lot this summer. Trips to the beach, Amish country, a visit to Denver, swimming and play at Dorbrook, peach picking, and our recent visit to the statue. A well spent summer to send them off for a new year.

I am however mostly excited that fall is beginning. There isn't much showing now but soon it will be full fledged fall. For now there a a few trees that have changing leaves and the air cools off quickly in the evening. Before long I'll be able to wear comfy sweaters while sipping a hot cup of coffee. Soon there will be mums everywhere. Oh, and don't forget pumpkins. I love fall. It is my favorite season of them all.

I will leave the poll open for a few more days in case anyone didn't get a chance to vote. It is very neck in neck! Two of the votes for B are from Hannah and Simon. You all have such very different opinions that do seem to match your personalities! It will make it even harder to decide which way to go. Thank you for your input though.

To keep myself busy while I pine about the layout I am binding the babies quilts. They were quilted in record time. I took them in last Tuesday and Linda brought them back to the store Saturday. I love that she'll squeeze baby quilts in between the big ones. In Denver your quilt went into que with all the others and you'd be lucky if you got it back in a months time.

My lovely cat decided to help me last night by curling up in the middle of all the activity. What is it about cats that they think things aren't perfect until they are part of it?


woman at the well said...

I was waiting for first day of school photos! I knew you'd be efficient. The kids look wonderful - ready to be back into the routine. One of these days, we'll be into a routine that will last longer than one year. What is the quilt quiz, some sort of undercover personality test, revealing that I seek organization? That's probably right. See you Sunday - Love, your new roomie

ellen said...

No, it's not a test. Just wanted some input from others. I tend to like pattern and balance myself.

See ya Sunday!

shawna said...

LOL! i guess you are right about what quilt we are attracted to saying something about personality. for me that's certainly the case. you kids look so grown up!!! oh, and i miss our summer days by the pool here denver. you were my buddy for that! XO

Amy York said...

Glad the transition back to school was painless... that's awesome! Hope the rest of the year is as smooth!
I, too, can not WAIT for fall!! :)

Ria said...

I love fall except for the fact that it means winter is on its way. At least I will have a little extra padding this year to keep me warm.
I think it is very interesting how our personalities were showing through on the vote. Shawna and I are the random crazy girls. LOL!