Saturday, September 01, 2007

Parks, apples, and shovels

What a strange combination, right? Do tell...

Yesterday we met a friend of ours at Turkey Swamp Park for a while. It's nice to hang out with Tracey because her boys are pretty rambunctious and it makes me feel better to know that other moms have kids like mine! One of the things Hannah and Simon like about this park is the small climbing wall. Of course, to insure mommy has at least one heart attack at each park outing they like to do things like sit on top of the rock wall! AH!

We all shared our lunches with each other. It didn't take Seth long to discover that Tracey had some ranch dressing for the carrots she brought. Well, Seth just helped himself. Thank god for baby wipes and kind friends who share!

After the park I brought all the monkeys back home. Seth fell asleep in the car about two minutes after we got in the car. They way they schlump over always looks so uncomfortable. Since Daniel had taken the day off for our dentist appointments I got to go to the grocery store sans kids! It's so nice to have no children with you. I don't think I lingered to long but I did linger a bit. I found something that I had to buy at the store though! I found Paula Red apples. What kind are those that are named after my mommy? Hum, I must try them and find out.

Well mom, your apples are a bit tart. In a good way though, a lot like a granny smith. Upon asking Hannah what she thought they tasted like she said, "Yummy... but they are a bit sour."

And the shovel, what about the shovel?

You know how some people say things about how when someone was eating they sure were shoveling it in. Well, Seth was literally shoveling food in his mouth this morning.


Amy York said...

I would have had a heart attack too if my kids were on top of climbing walls! Eeek! :) Isn't going to the grocery store sans kids lovely?? I got to do it yesterday. I love apples in the fall... I've never heard of the Paula Red ones. My favorite are Honey Crisp apples but they seem to only be available for a short time... they are fantastic though! I love the pics of Seth shoveling his food in... he is a character, that one!

woman at the well said...

Ellen, it somehow seems appropriate that the Paula apples are a bit tart - I've been accused of being a bit "tart" as in scarcastic, not A tart - that's a how different issue :)

I'm trying for a pun that I think younger folks might not get. A tart is a former term for a "working girl."

I don't know about the climbing wall - the kids are in the tree all the time, which is pretty much the same. Where has that shovel been? was my question when I saw Seth eating with a shovel. He is certainly inventive. Oh well, Frank says you have to eat a peck of dirt before you die - go figure - another Southern saying.

Coni Nelson said...

Oh my - eating his food with a shovel! Amber does that quite often, but we let her if the food is not healthy since most of it ends up on the floor.... Cute pictures, love ya.


ellen said...

I know what a tart is and I definitely wasn't implying you were one. But it is kinda funny that way.

If all you need is a peck of dirt all my kids have eaten a lot more dirt than they needed!

My favorite apples so far (I haven't tried them all) is the Pink Lady. Yummy!