Saturday, June 16, 2007

Beautiful Amish Country

I met mom in Intercourse, PA today. (Did you snicker? Tee hee, she said intercourse...) I got a quilt magazine a few months back that suggested a few different places in Amish Country to go see if you wanted to look at quilts. Not far from Lancaster is the little town of Intercourse. The drive was about 2 hours away and Seth did a great job in the car both ways. Aside from the stinky poop I had to change once I reached a Service Center.

I was in awe of what it is really like for these people. Rolling hills, patchwork farms, cows, horses, and of course, buggies. I wanted to take lots of pictures but I know that they don't like to have their picture taken. I got a few shots of the buggies from a distance.

It turned out that we showed up on the weekend of the Berry Festival. I saw no berries...? Needless to say we meandered through several quilt stores and other kitschy stores. We had a great lunch out on a terrace. We bought some jams and mom got pickled watermelon rind (let me know if it's any good?). I had so much fun.

Last but not least. I bought two wall hanging quilts. I couldn't decide on just one! I did want to get something that reflected traditional Amish style quilting. They are known for bold, solid colors and the details are in the exquisite hand quilting.
Now, where to put them.

I actually wasn't sure if I'd be able to go today. Seth is sick again! I am worried that he didn't kick the ear infection from a few weeks ago and it's back. Like last time, no one else in the house is sick but Seth has a runny nose and now a fever to go with it. I don't like it. I was supposed to take my car in on Monday but it looks like I'll be going to the doctor instead if his fever continues. It's so hard to have sick kids when the weather is nice. Seth wasn't too warm this morning so I decided we could go. I brought along the thermometer and baby Tylenol just in case though.

While I was off having what I consider to be a good time Daniel took the kids to see Rise of the Silver Surfer. They gave it two thumbs up.


Ria said...

That sounds like a really cool trip. There are some Amish people that live near Thomas' grandparents in Missouri and I am always fascinated by their lifestyle. I am very interested in the pickeled watermelon rind as well. I don't think I would be brave enough to try it.

Amy York said...

What a neat trip! I love the quilts you picked out. Hope you find the perfect place for them. And I hope Seth doesn't have another ear infection! Keep us posted...

Samantha said...

Poor Seth, hope he's better ASAP.

Sounds like a great trip to Amish country!