Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This morning as I was packing Hannah and Simon's lunches up for school and my mom commented on how it was like a little art project for me every morning. I guess it kind of is. Following suit of many cool moms I know of I got my kids Laptop Lunchboxes' for school this year. I, being the chewy granola girl that I am, absolutely love that I am not throwing away ziplock after ziplock everyday. I'd use on average 4 bags for each lunch. Using my suberb math skills, that was 8 plastic bags a day being tossed in the trash! Ack!

So now we are using the bento box style lunch boxes and washing out the little containers each day. It is a bit of a pain to make sure they are washed each evening but I'd be in there doing the dishes after dinner anyway, right. I guess right now I am not actually the one doing the dishes! I cook dinner and my mom does the dishes while I put stuff away and wipe off counters. I gotta tell ya, this isn't a bad deal at all! AND, we have a built in babysitter for our back to school night on Thursday.

Today will be rather busy and I need to get to it soon. There's a Moms Club meeting this morning, Hannah has Girl Scouts after school (I still need to iron on all her new patches on her Juniors vest), and there's a PTO meeting at 7 tonight. I have a lot of stuff going on.

"Quite the little joiner. aren't we?" Can anyone name that movie?

I'd like to leave you with an adorable shot of Seth furrowing his brow at me. What is it about overalls that is so cute on kids?


Samantha said...

for the most amazing bento stuff ever, look here:
It's truly an art form!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Why does my brain insist that quote is from Dirty Dancing?


BTW, I started Misty down the Laptop Lunchbox crazed path. Val pointed it out to me originally, although her boys aren't yet in school. Yet more cool moms showing other cool moms cool stuff! Does it ever end?

Happy school lunch making!

BTW, you are certain to get many kudos from the teachers for a) making lunches, b) the coolness of the box and c) making them healthy. Caitlin's teacher threatened to eat Caitlin's lunch on a regular basis.

ellen said...

It is from Dirty Dancing!

I have always packed healthy lunches. Now they are a bit more environmentally friendly.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Tons more (quite literally) environmentally friendly. You go, girl!

I was crazy about Dirty Dancing when it first came out. I think I have 3 different versions of it: VHS, DVD and extended dance remix collector's DVD. Eek!

ellen said...

I totally love Dirty Dancing. I believe I have two copies of the movie myself!

Amy York said...

Love the lunchboxes! We send Tyler's lunch to school with him also, but we do use the plastic baggies... we just keep reusing them and reusing them. I recently found sandwich wrapper thingies to use so that cut down on one anyway. Do those boxes stay cool?

ellen said...

You can easily put an ice pack in the bag to keep things cool.