Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Pretty, pretty Pfaff. I am soooo very, very happy today. I got a new sewing machine. I have wanted one for a long time now and today I took the financial plunge! My trusty old Kenmore has seen me through many quilts but it is a work horse not a machine designed for a quilter.

Years ago I asked lots of the quilters I worked with what kind of machine they had and why they liked it so much. A large majority of them had a Pfaff. Fast forward to now... I looked online and drooled over all the great features on the Pfaff sewing machines. I then called a local dealer and found out they were having a grand opening today and giving 10% off on all Pfaff machines. Hum.... I'll just go look, right? I pet the pretty machines and sighed, then went about getting some backing fabric for the Bento Box quilt. I think this fabric will make a great backing!
But wait, then they told me they had 12 months no interest financing. Um, hold that thought while I call the husband who never tells me no!

YES!!! I got a new one!!! It's so sweet. I am, of course, going to spend lots of time reading the manual trying to figure out what all those fancy schmancy buttons actually do. I can take an free owners class. How sad is that? The sewing machine can be so complicated that you have to take a class to learn how to use it. I am hoping to make sense of it all.

One of the things they were doing today was entering people in a drawing for a lower end model Pfaff sewing machine. For every $50 you spent you got a ticket for the drawing. So for the 2 grand I spent today I get to put in 40 tickets. It would totally crack me up if I actually won the machine. I don't tend to win in drawings, even ones stacked in my favor, so I don't anticipate ending up with it.

Now, I'll have to learn how to machine quilt. No more excuses since the new machine can do it.

On a different note, the kids don't have school tomorrow or Friday. (Jewish holiday.) I am going to take the kids apple picking tomorrow with the Moms Club. If you have any spectacular or just yummy recipes for apples you'd like to share send them my way! You know I'll get more apples than I should.

If the weather cooperates I'm going to take the kids to the beach one last time on Friday. It's only supposed to be 77 on Friday so we might have to make the decision on Friday whether we go or not. Or should I say, weather we go or not.


Amy York said...

That new machine sure is a dandy! I wish I had a good apple recipe to share but alas, I do not. Hope you have a great time though... and that the weather holds out for the beach!! :)

Susan said...

You finally got your machine! Yea for you. You are going to love having a Pfaff. Mine is now 15 years old (yikes!) and still works like a dream. Which is why I can't justify getting a new one, since mine still works so well. And I have put it through hell & back a few times over the years.

I can't wait to see your 1st machine quilting project on it!

Coni Nelson said...

Ok like you would take a recipe from me for anything but here you go:

1 apple
1 package of carmel dip
Cut apple

There you go!! I like that recipe...

Congratulations on your baby Gaffe, Faff, Paff - whatever - I am glad you got something you love - besides the kiddos...

ellen said...

Susan, I don't know how great my first few attempts at machine quilting will be. There may not be a lot of close ups!

Coni, That's a great recipe! I am a fan of caramel dip.

Samantha said...

WOW- enjoy the machine!!! And the fabric, yum. Hey, if you win teh new machine, you can give it to me ;-)

Aunt Debbie said...

Wow that's quite the cadillac! Congratulations . . . now when do I get MY quilt! Love ya!