Thursday, September 20, 2007

Back to school night

I really am excited about this school year for both of our kids. I feel like they both have teachers that actually care about the individuals in their classes and try to tailor things for different kids. I think Hannah isn't the only smart kid we've got in this family.

(Here comes the braggin'!)

Simon is such a smart boy! He reads so well now and he is really good at math too. At the end of last year his teacher told us he was reading at an end of first grade level. I know he's improved over the summer even so I am interested to see what his new teacher says after she evaluates him. She pretty much told us he doesn't have anyone in the class that he could be in a reading group with. Gee, didn't we go through this with Hannah? When she was in first grade they sent her up to second grade for group reading time so the poor kid didn't have to sit and read in a corner all by herself. By third grade some of the other kids had gotten good enough at reading that she could participate in class groups again.

I love having intelligent kids but making sure they get challenged at school is the hard part. With Simon's kindergarten teacher last year she wanted him to focus on following through (taking time to color the picture) and the details (coloring nicely) .... really. How many 5/6 year old do you know that are detail oriented? Ok, there are some and they will probably have OCD when they grow up. I really shouldn't say that. Hannah obsessively made "paper pie" when she way like 3 to 4. She'd sit and cut paper into tiny, tiny pieces for hours at a time!

Anyway, I was happy to meet Hannah's teacher for this year and get a chance to catch up with Simon's teacher. I stupidly volunteered for things at school. Room mom? Sure, why not!

Side note: I have Simon's follow up MRI scheduled finally for October 2nd. I am nervous to find out if the syrinx is shrinking or not... If you are asking what is the MRI for? What's a syrinx? Check out these different links.


Amy York said...

That's great that you got two good teachers!! You do have some extremely intelligent kids... They must get it from Auntie Amy. ;) Just kidding. I know you and Dan are smarty pantses too!
Thanks for the update on Simon... I'll be anxiously awaiting more news...

woman at the well said...

I realized I haven't been obsessively reading your blog - I guess it makes sense, because I'm there! But it's fun to see what you're posting. You forgot to mention that the kids behaved perfectly for Grandma the night I kept them. Was it the pumpkin candy, was it the bribes? I think it helped that they are comfortable with me. I even managed baths for them all.

ellen said...

Of course, they were well behaved for you mom! They aren't well behaved for me but they'll put on a good show for others.

Again, I have to say, having you here isn't hard at all. You wash dishes, babysit... how long can you stay?

Hannah happily crawls back into her bed as soon as you leave though. After all, who really wants to sleep in their little brothers room?