Monday, September 10, 2007

It's a small world after all

I actually know Simon's new teacher! On Friday I finally got a chance to make it through the throng of people crowding around the main entrance of the school to go get Simon. The previous two days I had sent Hannah in to get her brother. When I walked up I saw a woman I know wearing a hat with Simon's teacher's name on it. We both did one of those- hey, your Simon's teacher. Hey, your Simon's mom! We know each other from Gymboree and I never knew her last name nor did she know my older kids. It's weird to be living some place new and stumble upon someone you know like that. I have high hopes that Simon will have a good year because she is very nice. I didn't really like his teacher last year.

Well, the poll closed on Sunday..... the winner is layout B. It really was a close one. If Hannah and Simon hadn't voted it would have only won by 2 votes. I do think I am going to go with B. The thing that bothered me the most about A was not being able to see the pattern and then I didn't feel like I could just enjoy the funky fabrics. B it is. Thank you all for your help.

As some of you might know my mom is staying with us for a bit. I hope we won't scare her away with our loud and crazy house. It is just temporary while they transition to NJ. Yes, Jersey is a vortex that just sucks people in... can you ever escape? That's the question. No, mom got a new job outside Trenton and it seems to be rather promising. Unlike the last one that dragged them out to the east coast in the first place. At least they are close to us. Seth gave his grandma a big hug when she came home last night and he cried when she left this morning. So cute.

I better get going. I am dragging Misty with me to a Meet and Greet for the Moms Club I am in. It's a nice way to meet other moms and find activities to do as well.


Amy York said...

That's fantastic that you know & like Simon's teacher!! How does he like her so far? By the way, how much longer until you get to find out how successful the surgery was?
Hope your mom loves her new job!

ellen said...

He seems to like her so far. It's like pulling teeth to get any details out of him. Well, unless you like detailed descriptions of video games. :)

Amy, I think you might be psychic... I called the neurosurgeons office yesterday and they are sending me the prescription so I can schedule his follow up MRI. The MRI should tell us if the syrinx (cyst in his spine) is shrinking or if he'll need a shunt put in.

Amy York said...

Oh wow, I am psychic! I couldn't remember when the surgery was but I was thinking it might have been coming close to six months... I'm anxious to find out if it worked or not! (though I'm sure you are even more anxious than I am!). said...

I am totally going to love my new job and just rented a house less than a mile from the office. It will be wonderful! Plus, it has been such a joy to see the grandkids so much that even little Seth knows me. Pretty marvelous. Who knew New Jersey could be cool?