Monday, August 13, 2007

Peach picking

I found another thing I like about Jersey. Being able to pick fresh fruits spring through fall! It's so cool. We met some of the ladies from the Moms Club at 10 this morning at the Battlefield Orchards. Got ourselves a big bucket and went to picking. They had nectarines too! I love nectarines and so do the kids. I am going to have to start making some yummy desserts with all the fruit we got. Let's see, peach crisps, peach cobbler, peach sherbet, etc.

The only snag we ran into was they took cash or check only... um, what do you mean there's no credit card machine in the middle of a field? I had $14 and one of the other mom's supplied me with the $12 I needed. Yup, 26 dollars worth of peaches and nectarines. There were so many and they all looked so yummy, I had to pick just a few more... and then the bucket was heavy and full! Hannah would say, "I thought you said we were all done, mom." Can you tell your kid to shut their big yappin' trap? No, no you can't, but you can think it!

I finished up the bright fun quilt on Saturday and I will move on to the next fun one. The colors look a little odd since I took the picture at night. The sashing fabric is more purple than it looks here.

On Sunday our wonderful friend John came over to put in my new faucet for us. Since I don't have a handy husband (love you sweetheart!) I have to borrow other peoples. Tiff is out of town for 3 weeks, men like to eat, I like to cook.... hum... I sense a favor.... :)

Anyway, the sink was old, ugly, yucky and gross so he kindly, without cussing at me, so when he replaced the faucet he did the sink too! Yeah! Dan and I swapped out the old brass knobs with nice nickel ones while John worked on the sink. The blue counter tops will have to stay until we hit big with the stock lottery. (If you've seen how low Vonage stock is trading at right now you'd be rolling on the floor, laughing.)

We had also planned on Sunday as a family to go see the latest Harry Potter but John wasn't done yet so I stayed home to help (or be there to get in the way mostly) and Dan took the midgets to the movie. Dan and I are going to try to go to a movie all by ourselves on Friday. I know, a date! I don't remember the last time we went out alone. The sad part is, we'll probably talk about our kids.


Amy York said...

Peach picking - how fun!!! I found a berry patch near us which I have to take my kids to one of these days... I meant to do it before summer was over but we can see how that went.
That's great that you guys get to go on a date! We do the same thing... just talk about the kids. Well and Shawn can get going on politics if I let him. ;) It makews me wonder what we'll talk about when they are grown up?
Your sink is beautiful! I like the blue countertops - but I can't see the whole room and how it matches with your decor... but I would prefer that to boring khaki ones like mine. ;)

woman at the well said...

Amy - I can tell you what you'll talk about when your kids are grown - you'll talk about the grandkids! (And share photos with anyone who will sit still for a minute.)

I love, love, love, the sink and hardware. The blue countertop isn't so bad ...

The fruit picking is way cool, too - what a great outing with kids. Thanks for the pix.

The quilt will liven up a child's room - it's very pretty.