Monday, September 17, 2007


Fall is here!! It was so cool this weekend that we had to kick on the heat. Yea, it's sweater time! (I got the cutest sweater at The Gap yesterday. I spent way more than I normally do but I couldn't help myself.) Now we are still getting warm days but the nights are getting pretty cool. The smell of fall is so fantastic. The crisp air mingled with the smell of wood burning fireplaces. LOVE IT!

In honor of fall and my new sewing machine I decided to jump ahead to another project without finishing my current one. How could I do that!? Very easy you see. I also wanted a chance to make sure that I was using a consistent seam allowance with the new machine. So far so good. I am also going to brave, dun dun dun... machine quilting with this one! I hope I don't mess it up. Dan is such a good quilter husband. When he saw the new quilt up on the design wall he immediately suggested we hang it somewhere in the house. Such a good husband. This little wall hanging wasn't exactly hard. I bought a panel, charm squares (they come pre-cut as 5" blocks), added an inner framing border to make the math work, and voila!

Okay, I did make a big math mistake. I had 92 charm squares and I thought I had 96 because 46 + 46= 96..... ah, no. Try 92. Oops, thankfully I had some muslin to add in. I always amaze myself with how brilliant I am!

For all you Robert Jordan fans out there I have some bad news. He passed away over the weekend. The very tragic part (although rather selfish of me to say) is that he didn't have a chance to complete the long series he was writing! I hope he left some good notes behind.


Amy York said...

I love fall too! Our leaves are just starting to change colors...
That quilt is fantastic ~ and yes, you are brilliant! That's what we love about you!
I have no idea who Robert Jordan is, but I'm sorry none the less.

Polka Dot Creations said...

That is so pretty!

If you are into sci-fi/fantasy, you might want to check out Clarkesworld Magazine. It's a free, online magazine published by my husband.

ellen said...

Hum, I'll have to check out the web site. I am not as into sci-fi as I used to be but I still enjoy it.