Saturday, July 21, 2007

Settled back in

I enjoyed my whirlwind trip to Denver. We got back in just fine yesterday but I never managed to get to the computer long enough to blog. I had a great time seeing all of our family and friends.

As of Friday the house in Denver is no longer ours!!!! Hurray!!! It was a bit of a snafu trying to get the closing done on Thursday because their loan info didn't come in until rather late in the day. Ben went back in on Friday and finished closing for us. Again, Hurray for Ben! If you know anyone who is looking to sell or buy in Denver just let me know and I'll send you his info.

Here are a few pictures of our trip...

Seth enjoying the music on the plane. It's very difficult to take a picture of someone sitting on your lap.

Hannah playing dress up with her cousin Makenna.

Seth conquering the cereal bowl at the Cherry Creek Mall.

Yummy ice cream on a hot day. Don't ya like the bit on Hannah's nose? Simon's chocolate beard is just fabulous.

Cousins- First, second, once removed... so many cousins! In case you care to know from the left- Sarah, Nick, Ashley, Hannah, Danielle, Romy, a happy Simon, and Seth's head because he wouldn't stand with the other kids while they played follow the leader.

Ah, a trip to the un-food capital of the world, McDonald's, with Cade and Aunt Linda before swimming and a movie. Seth hit his head on the floor within seconds of this picture being taken. He again didn't really want to be part of the picture. He'll ham it up for some pictures and then flat refuse to be put in a spot that he didn't pick. Darn kids. But hey, while we were in Denver he was able to share with many people his incredible talent of fit throwing. He is quite the champ. Aunt Vonnie got down on the floor and kicked her feet with him. Boy did that piss him off. Embrace toddlerhood or start dyeing your hair to cover the gray. Maybe they should send all moms home with a prescription for Valium when their sweet babies hit one.

I sucked at taking pictures on the trip. I forgot to get pictures with my brother (He's doing very well mom!), or any group family pictures for that matter like grandpa Jim with the kids. Next time, right. We are there so often too!

I miss all of you terribly and hope you'll come see us in our wonderful new home someday. Don't forget, we aren't all that far from NY!


woman at the well said...

No photos of Karl's apartment! Gee. Someday I'll have to go myself, I guess :) Vonnie did your hair, right? In any event, it looks great. Thanks much for the pix - living vicariously through my kids ...

Amy York said...

We loved seeing you too!! :) I think that picture of you with Seth on your lap is so beautiful! Who took that?? And like your mom said, your hair does look great! I think I forgot to tell you as in the presence of so many kids I get easily sidetracked... :)

ellen said...

Mom- The apartment is a pretty standard studio on Capitol Hill. The kitchen is tiny, to get to the toilet you have to close the door, and his CD's are stacked along the wall. It is perfect for a single 20 year old.

Amy- I think I took that picture. Hannah took one but I looked silly with my eyes half closed so I tried it. I like my hair too!

Ria said...

It was awesome to see you! We were so sad to watch you drive away. :-( Hope you recover from your whirlwind week rather quickly.