Sunday, March 18, 2007

Quilt stores and bath tubs

Are you wondering what in the world do quilt stores and bath tubs have in common? Nothing really. Seth went in both yesterday...

I was searching on line for some where local that I could get my quilt top quilted that I just finished . Yup, FINISHED! Hurray for me I finished Susan and Ben's quilt top! Phew, it only took a little more than a year to do. Anyway, while looking for the machine quilting service I found out there is a quilt store about 4 miles from me! I was soooo excited. I got dressed and left! It was sadly a very small store but I enjoyed being surrounded by fabric and quilts. I already have fabric for most of the next few quilts I want to make so I won't be making any large purchases there soon... I hope. I actually just ordered some fabric on line for Cynthia's baby quilt. They are opting for "not finding out the sex of the baby" route so I have to be extra creative in the color choice. JK. All you really get to pick from is green and yellow.

Now for the bath tub part. We were all in the bathroom (not sure why the whole family was in the smallest room in the house but we were) and Seth was happily reaching into the tub water and splashing as Simon took his bath. As I was helping Hannah put her earing back in Seth fell head first into the tub fully clothed! The poor kid was quite shocked! I pulled him out immediately so there weren't any concerns of drowning. Just one sopping wet baby. While Dan went to get a nightie to put him in I stripped off all his clothes, rang them out, and plopped Seth back into the tub with Simon. His shoes are still wet...

Hannah did another girl scouts thing today. They handed out water to runners for the St Patrick's day race. The only problem was how chilly it was this morning. As Hannah says, "It was freezing!" I think it was around 30 degrees when I bundled her up in her winter clothes, snow pants and all, and took her to their designated spot along the race. They had fun though. She got hot chocolate, donuts, a t-shirt for participating.

Other than that... things are normal. :)


woman at the well said...

Misty has posted about buying yarn - you have the quilting - there's just something about the infinite possibilities of a particular, dare I say, obsession. And it is unique to each person - to me, the notion of sitting and doing piece work is dreadful. But I love the infinite possibilities of the office supply store and the greenhouse!

I'm glad things are normal ... Hannah's learning good lessons on community service in Girl Scouts.

Amy York said...

Now that is a picture I would have loved to see - Seth in the bathtub with Simon. ;)
I have put my kids in the tub fully clothed as a joke. You know how my kids are - they freak out about the littlest things. And I must say, it was HI-larious. :) hee hee - I'm such a mean mom!