Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lost tooth

My internet connection has been on the fritz the last two days. I'll have it for a while, then I can't see the network.... grr.... Old stupid house with thick lead coated walls! (Don't worry, we don't let the kids chew on the walls.)

With all the wonderful responses I've gotten it sounds like the 13th will be a lucky day. Now, if only we could count on the phases of the moon actually affecting pregnant women then we could expect Misty to give birth April 2nd!

In all the craze of scheduling surgery I forgot to share that Simon lost his first tooth. He lost it at school on Monday. He was very excited about it when I picked them up after school. He even had a little certificate and a small box the tooth was in. All so very cute.
Losing teeth is such a right of passage. Before we know it he'll have teeth to big for his mouth just like Hannah! Thankfully we all grow into our teeth. I had such big teeth when I was a kid.

I got a hotel room for us down in Philly that is right across the street from the hospital. I think that will be very convenient. There are all sorts of small things we still have to figure out like do we drive down there, do we take Jeffery up on the offer of his car service, what about if Simon has to stay extra long in the hospital-how does Hannah get to school, do we keep her out, etc. All sorts of things. My selfish mommy plan is to go to Philly and stay till Simon can come home with me since it is only supposed to be for 3-4 days. Seth goes anywhere I go (He still nurses a lot. Yes, he is 13 months and still nurses and I don't plan on weaning him anytime soon. Remember, Ellen = Crunchy granola.) and Hannah can go with grandma Paula for a few days. She loves to be with Paul. I am always amazed at how well my daughter and my little brother get along.


Susan said...

Yea for lost 1st teeth! How much did the tooth fairy leave behind? The tooth fairy in Delaware left $5!!! Apparently tooth prices have gone up since I was a kid :)

Unless Jeffery is going to keep the car available to you at all times; I would drive your car up so that in case you need it, you have it. You'll have Seth's car seat to lug around. And what if when Simon wakes up, he wants something & you do not have a car to run & get it? Just my opinion; I hate not having my car available even if I don't end up using it.

cookie said...

Susan makes a good point and i agree. Having someone drive you places might be nice but what if you need something right away and the car guy is taking a break or is not there. You will stress out and be more misable then you might already be.

ellen said...

The tooth fairy leaves $1 around here. $5 bucks is ridiculous! I only got a quarter. Some kids get $5 for the first tooth and $1 after that. I am not sure how kids just blindly except that the tooth fairy doesn't give each kid the same amount....

We *think* the car would be available to us the whole time. Not sure though. I want my car there. Dan thinks the service would be nice... how have we been married so long when we always see things so different? :) We'll figure it out!

Me, stress? Never.

woman at the well said...

The question that would be a key to answer about whether or not to take the car would be: parking. Does the hotel offer parking for free? Is it $30 a day? Impossible to find? You could take a taxi somewhere with less headache than driving, if the hospital is in a seriously urban setting. Would you rather despirately try to find some obscure address, or let the taxi or driver do it for you?

Amy York said...

Hooray for Simon! :)
How much does the tooth fairy pay in NJ anyway?
You will figure everything out with the cars etc. You still have a couple weeks. Don't stress yourself out too much!

Daniel said...

We know for sure the hospital is in a seriously urban setting. We're talking gridlock-and-skyscraper, bicycle-messenger concrete canyon here. Running out in the car for quick errands is going to be difficult for a person by themself, especially one not familiar with the area (though not impossible, in this age of Blackberries and Google Maps).

I'm going to talk to the guys at work to find out how the shuttle service would work. I think they are planning on having someone stay with us at the hospital, but if they aren't then I agree that we'd want to have a vehicle there.

Scylla said...

COngratulations Simon!!