Monday, March 19, 2007


Some of my wonderful readers have mentioned that they are unable to post because the don't have a blog or google account. I changed it so anyone can post now. I am hoping that people don't abuse this and leave bad comments. If I get a rash of anonymous posts that are negative I'll turn the feature back off. Otherwise, I look forward to more people being able to communicate with us. :)


Scylla said...

You should be okay, I have only had one post that was really odd, and one from someone anonymous that I didn't know at all, otherwise, it's been pretty clear sailing.

However, you can also set up to monitor the comments and chose whether or not you wish to post them if it becomes an issue.

Whether you wish to add to your already crazed existence, we shall see. :)

Amy York said...

I promise to always be sweet when leaving you a comment. :) Although I could leave one before *neener, neener!* ;)

Daniel said...

I was poking around the web today and found another site with some good Chiari info.