Monday, October 01, 2007

Mums everywhere!

Seth and I ventured out this morning with some friends to go pick out mums. It's so hard to choose. There are so many colors to pick from.... the pressure! They also had decorations so I picked up a scare crow and a pumpkin ghost thing. I ended up buying 10 containers of mums and some planter box ones too. Hey, the 9" containers were 5 for $11, that isn't bad at all. I am going to try planting a few of them. Maybe they'll come up again next year. As usual my silly self forgot that Jersey is a cash kind of place and I didn't have enough money on me!!! (Thank you Tiff for paying!)

I got a few hours over the weekend to work on the fall quilt. If I don't hurry it won't be fall anymore! Yikes! I am hoping to get it done this week and get the binding on it asap. I want it on the wall!!! Hey, now I need a Christmas wall hanging too, and a spring one, oh, and a summer one!!! :) I did sew the labels on the baby quilts and run them through the wash. Now to get them to the post office... I need a box...

Things went smoothly with all our activities over the weekend. I gave Winnie a t-shirt that says "Jersey Girl" on it. I figured Drew and Winnie should have matching shirts! I had contemplated getting Drew the Jersey Girl shirt for when he left but I thought there was a strong possibility that he might use it to strangle me so I got him the "I love NJ" one.

Build a Bear was intense as usual (a step below Chuck E Cheese) and thankfully the kids are still happily playing with the bears they made. Ask me in a month where the adorable bears are and I'll see if I can find them in the bottom of the toy box. The kids do have a good time making them though. Seth tried to climb into all the bins while we were there and then didn't want to participate with the group. Oh well. He is only a year and a half after all.

Well, I better get going. I need to get the big kids soon. Simon has Tae Kwon Do today too.

Once again, send us well wishes for the MRI tomorrow. Or maybe just wish for the syrinx to shrink. Ready everyone, chant- shrink, shrink, shrink.


Scylla said...

Say that 5 time fast, syrinx shrink, syrinx shrink!

Build a bear was a lot more fun than I was expecting, and Marlena is quite attached to her bear. Of course, she has lost a good number of her toys for the month, so it may be because she doesn't have a lot else to play with. She is also very happy to have a baby of her own, that she made, to go with the baby I made.

I should of thought of this months ago!

Amy York said...

Shrink syrinx, shrink!!
Seth looks a lot like Simon with that super blonde hair! Sounds like you guys had fun... Hope you find time to finish your fall quilt soon!

Samantha said...

Fingers crossed for shrinkage.

As for build a Bear, oh man. Annie begs for birthdays there, but to bring more than a tiny # of friends would pretty much bankrupt us!

shawna said...

sending shrinking vibes your way!!!! build a bear..:::shudder::: everytime i pass that place in the mall i get post traumatic stress disorder. glad you made it out alive! XO