Monday, October 22, 2007

20 months

Today my little guy is 20 months old. It isn't a special birthday or any cause for celebration but I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on what it is he can do at this age. They grow and change so quickly.

He runs all over the place. Tiff says he looks like his feet don't touch the ground. He climbs on everything. Up, over, under, etc. If it could kill him or give me a heart attack he's much more likely to climb it.

We still don't hear a lot of words. He says a few but mostly grunts and gestures to get what he wants. I asked him the other day if he could say "up". He said, "yeah." Umm. Great. He does make pretty cute animal sounds though. He will also gladly yell at his brother or sister if they are doing something he doesn't like. I heard him singing Elmo's World, "la, ah, ah, emo woo." He also likes to sing a small scale over and over and over and over. Cute at first, irritating after 20 minutes. It is broken up by his own clapping at his stellar performance.

He can point to all his body parts. I like it when he shows me his teeth. If you ask him where his bottom is he tries to look behind himself so he can point to it.

He grins and shrugs his shoulders to look even cuter.

He yells "ya!" and kicks just like his big brother does at Tae Kwon Do. Thankfully he doesn't kick his siblings... yet.

He tries to put the leaves that have fallen on the ground back on the tree.

He understands so much and soon the words will come. I am sure there will be a time not to far in my future when I ask him to play the quiet game. I never won that game as a kid...

It just struck me today that he is so close to two years old. He isn't a baby anymore and hasn't been for a while. He is a toddler. But he'll always be my little guy.


woman at the well said...

Some people can win at the quiet game and other people can't ... But you won the "sleep late" game :)
You're a winner in my book!

ellen said...

I always knew I was a winner! Thanks, mom!