Monday, October 08, 2007


Seeing as today was Columbus Day, our kids had the day off... well, I guess that means I had to entertain them didn't I?Either that or let them run wild all day until they complain ceaselessly of boredom and drive me stark raving mad!

I had errands to run today so I ran them to the park this morning before hitting Target and the grocery store. Get all their little wiggles out, ya know. I knew I could have used the park as a bribe but I didn't know how long the errands would take and I wanted Seth to get his afternoon nap in.
Seth was looking at the ducks. I think all playgrounds should be right on beautiful lakes like this one. Nah, then it wouldn't be so cool.

We ran into a few of the moms from the MOMS Club who also happen to have kids in Simon's grade. We stayed a wee bit longer than I had planned but it's hard to say bye to friends.

After Target, lunch, and the grocery store we came home and had some company over. While the kids were out playing they apparently decided to go to a neighbors house without asking. Oops for them. I ended up getting one of the neighborhood kids (yes, children seems to collect at my house) in trouble because I went over to her grandma's house looking for my lot plus our guest. Selene's mom grounded her for not being where she was supposed to be. Yeah, not my fault. I wasn't babysitting, she was just playing outside with my kids who decided to go to Jane's without letting me know. Jane is so sweet and truly, somehow likes my kids.

Once all the kids were located, cleaned, watered and fed, we ran Simon to Tae Kwon Do (last chance to practice before his test). It was very crowded. Then back to get Hannah from Marlena's because Hannah hates to sit around and watch Simon do TKD. If she'd just practice her freakin' violin that she INSISTED we keep for her this year I'd gladly let her do another activity. Am I too mean?

So, then back home, do more laundry, make dinner, clean the dishes, get Seth his bath, brush teeth, read stories, tuck everyone in.... phew.

It's over.

A lot for 12 hours, eh?

Now, now I can sit and watch Hero's and work on the binding....


Amy York said...

That does look like a great park! I guess NJ isn't so bad...
By the way ~ any word on Simon's results?

woman at the well said...

Beautiful park. People just won't believe New Jersey is OK. Of course, your neighbor likes your kids ... they are adorable!

ellen said...

Yeah, Jersey isn't all that bad.

No word on Simon yet. I did call toady to make sure they got his report and films. Which they did. I left a message so hopefully they will review them soon and get back to me.