Sunday, October 07, 2007

Visit, mom and then quilt the weekend away

The kids and I took a short trip up to see my moms new house on Saturday. It suits them well. It has a great yard for the kids to run around in. The best part is how close she is to us now. Dan and I were talking about it and really this is the closest we've lived to mom in a very long time. Like 15 years! Mom was always about 2+ hours away. The furthest being when we lived in Seattle and she was in Cheyenne. I hope we are able to see each other more since we are so darn close. If we don't, hopefully it's because we are too busy and not because we can only stand so much! :)

There is a nice little quilt store not to far from her now.... hummm.....

I was a big slacker today and didn't do much but work on my quilt. I fed the kids and played with Seth some. He spilled most of the bubble juice on the ground but he did manage to make a few bubbles.

I mostly spent time in my sewing room and finished machine quilting my wall hanging! Hurray! (Not the worlds best job ever but it'll do!)
I think I'll be able to get the binding on it and then I can plop my butt in front of the TV for a few good shows tonight and work on the binding. I love the quiet time after all the kids are in bed. I can watch TV if I want to, quilt, etc. Quiet is so blissful.

While I was cooking dinner this evening Seth thought it might be helpful to get pots and pans out to use. I know when I am looking for a pot I test them out by standing in them. Don't you? How else will you know what size to use? Silly Seth.

Guess what's for dinner tomorrow night? Nah, I have to fatten him up first!


Amy York said...

I wish my mom was that close! Seth has got to be one of the most photogenic kids in the world!!

woman at the well said...

I remember how important my grandma was to me when I was growing up and I want to have a close relationship with my grandkids - I just think it is better if we can be close physically and visit more than once a year. (Although I'm sure lots of people have a close emotional relationship despite the distances.) You know, we say "well, you can just get on a plane and visit" but its expensive and can be a real headache. I'm glad we're so close, too, and hope it can continue - even when we lived in Baltimore or when Ellen was in Denver and we were in Cheyenne, we managed to visit at least six times a year. Now, we can visit more often without needing to spend the night - it will be great!