Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yellow belt

Hurray! Simon passed his test today!!! He will officially get his yellow belt at a ceremony they are doing this Sunday.

He did a great job. He was so nervous because he had to break a board with his foot. Something he had never done before. They asked for a parent to come in and hold the board for the kids. Daniel happily went in. I am glad he was there or an instructor would have had to help me. Can't you just see Seth trying to help me hold the board or maybe try kick it himself. Seth does say "Yah," and then kick.... this could be bad, right?
(I wish I could have gotten better pictures than this.)

Anyway, one big kick and crack, the board broke! Simon grinned from ear to ear. He was so proud of himself. As were we. I really hope he can keep up with this because it will be good for him. Maybe along the way he'll actually learn a little self control. Or maybe I am just dreaming again...

To celebrate we got (grumble, grumble) McDonald's for the kids. (The grumble is both my upset tummy and me grumbling about un-food.)

Oh, since we are on the subject of Simon (you don't have a choice I am the one blogging here), his teacher sent a note home with him last Friday letting us know what his DRA level was. (It's a reading test to assess their level.) He is at 24 which apparently means he reads at a mid second grade level. She is talking to the principal about what to do because there aren't any other 1st graders at his reading level. He is ahead in math too but I don't think he is far enough ahead for us to push the idea of moving him up a grade. Plus, I think his teacher this year will be so good for him. She is so wonderful and really cares. Ok, and I like her. She actually called home this afternoon to make sure he got home okay. My neighbor Maria was working at the school and had offered to bring the kids home for me. She is on my list of people who are allowed to take Simon home. The teacher however didn't have this list in front of her and doesn't know Maria because she is new at the school. She did quiz Maria and Simon said he was supposed to go with her. It was so cute to get a call from the worried teacher asking if he was home safe. See, that's a good teacher!

I know I haven't talked much about my little Hannah lately and I am sorry for that. She really is doing well. She has a good teacher this year and is doing well in school. No surprises there. Her biggest concern right now is who to invite to her slumber party for her birthday. God I am an idiot. I capped it at 5 girls but even then it will be a looong night! Our eldest child will be 9 at the end of this month. 9! It's been almost a decade since I found out we were having her.

I am beginning to feel old. I know I am in my 30's but aren't the 30's the new 20's or something ridiculous like that. It's strange to be an adult. You don't necessarily feel like one, yet you are. There are polite little children out there that call me Miss Ellen and Hannah will, with all the joy in the world, point out my gray hair for all to see. I must actually be getting older. Any wiser? Nah!


Susan said...

That rocks! Tell Simon congratulations. I love how you can see Seth & you in the background of the picture :)

Amy York said...

Hooray for Simon! How cool is that!

Coni Nelson said...

You are wiser Ellen - Remember... I knew you over a decade ago!! Tell Simon good job on his yellow belt - that is so awesome!!!!!!