Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Museum and a birthday

First of all a little shout out to a old, old, old... no wait... dear sweet friend of mine who is celebrating her birthday today!!! Happy birthday!!!! I am not sure how we got to be in our 30's already. Wasn't it just a few years ago that we played with Cabbage Patch Kids? Or maybe it was a few decades ago... who's counting anyway. Well, now we aren't playing grown up games, we are living them. God, mortgages and bills suck.

What have we been up to? Yesterday Seth and I accompanied a few mom friends to a Children's Museum almost an hour away from us. It was fun but a little too over stimulating. Seth was a mess when we left and after he showed Tiff (who we were riding with) his exceptional lung capacity he then slept the whole way home. Silly kid. He had a good time though.

I made a wee bit of progress on my quilt top last night. I got the blocks put together. The rows should come together pretty quickly. I want to work on it a bit tonight if I get a chance.

Oh, better go. It's off to Tae Kwon Do we go.


Scylla said...

Thank you for the bday wishes!

Amy York said...

The museum sounds great...
And the quilt is gorgeous!!! Love it!