Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ride those rides

We are taking a day of rest and leisure today. Thursday we hit Kruise Nite. It's fun to walk around and look at all the old cars. Some are all supped up and some are just kept in mint condition. I found a few that I wouldn't mind having. Like a '57 Corvette or a '65 Mustang (My grandpa rebuilt a cherry red Mustang when I was a kid and I have always had a soft spot for them.) There were a lot of motorcycles too. When I see lots of motorcycles I am always reminded of my dad. He would have loved to go and see things like this.

I said, "NO Touching!" so many times! Maybe I should have said, "No touching or we'll put you in here!"
Yesterday we went to Great Adventure. It was lots of fun but man was it expensive! They sure know how to make you pay, pay, and pay some more. Ticket online $40, parking $15... Just a kids meal was $9.00! Ouch.

My poor kids were devastated to find out that they were too little. They are the same height and they came in just under the wire to get on the big rides. Literally like a 1/4" too short. They really wanted to go on all the death defying rides. We split up for most of the day. Dan and Laura went with the big kids on the rides they could get on and I went with Seth to the kiddie area. Knowing that I'd be in a different part of the park I asked Tiff to come along with us. I am glad she did. It's nice to have company. We did get to go on the log ride with all the kids and I went on one big ride with Laura. We went on the Superman ride. It was fast and fun. I'd do it again! I think the only down side to amusement parks in the wait in lines. You wait for an hour to get on a 2 minute ride. But wait, you can pay an extra $33 (for one person) to get a Flash Pass so you don't have to wait in line! Grr. Pay, pay, and pay some more.

"You need your hat honey." "NO."

Another Ferris Wheel we went on. This one was much bigger than the one at the fair. I took this picture from the Sky Ride.

I love that NJ is so lush that all you can see is the roller coaster sticking up out of the trees.

Chillin' on the sky ride.

Aside from the unfortunate load of cash we dropped for the day we all had a great time. Maybe next year if we want to go more than once we should get season passes.

Tomorrow, New York City!


woman at the well said...

I'm so glad you remembered the car your grandpa rebuilt. Do you remember the little wrench he kept for you in the garage? It was so sweet! He was so thrilled to have you come out and "help." Maybe that is where your mechanical aptitude comes from. I, myself, long for a 1957 Cadillac with the huge fins - but only if it has all the modern conveniences :)

ellen said...

Of course I remember my wrench! I also remember that I could barely reach over the side of the car to work on the engine with grandpa.