Saturday, August 23, 2008

Count down

Summer is coming to an end around here. The days are getting shorter, cooler, and the start of school is a little over a week away. We have to squeeze in as many more fun things as we can.

Yesterday we went with my mom (Yeah, we do a lot f fun things with my mom) to see a lighthouse.

The view from the top was beautiful. You could see NY on the horizon. Simon swore he could see the Statue of Liberty. My eyes must not be all that good after all.

I tried to get a good picture of the kids while we were up there. They were all lined up after all. Just a little smile is all I wanted.

"Hey guys, turn around so I can take your picture." This is what I got.

There were lots of tight turning stairs to get to the top though. Seth made me carry him back down. Yikes!

Next week we have something planned everyday. Busy bees we are. Philadelphia, peach picking, playdates, beach, etc. Somewhere in there I have to get ready for the kids to go back to school. I don't want to go through the warm clothes yet. It feels so final. Admitting summer is over. I actually enjoyed summer this year and feel like it's ending too soon. I think this is a first for me. Usually I can't stand it and I want it to be fall in mid July.


woman at the well said...

Summer can't go too long ... more time for the garden to grow, to visit the beach (please, just one more trip), to enjoy the warm morning walks ... not to have to get Paul up out of bed, kicking and screaming (actually, moaning and complaining.) I mourn the end of summer. Wait, we can pick apples and make applesauce, and homemade pumpkin pie ... there is hope after all :)

ellen said...

Don't get me wrong. I love all things fall. Don't forget pumpkin muffins, hearty soups.. I could go on! It's just strange to be at the end of summer and not being quite ready for it to be over yet. Yah, know?