Saturday, August 09, 2008

Next on the agenda

We had a great time while Laura was here and we sent her home on Wednesday with quite the sunburn. I saw her put sunscreen on. Really. But she turned into a lobster anyway. Hey, at least when she's home in CO and people ask her how come she so burned she can tell them she was on the beach. When we were at the beach Laura went with the older two kids way out in the water. So far that I had to not watch because I was getting too nervous. I could tell that the ground stayed rather level but they were so far out!!! AHHH. They are still alive and my heart is still beating too.

Do you see the specks in the middle of the picture sooo far away that I can't even zoom in on them? Yeah, that's my kids with Laura.

I focused on Seth and playing in the sand instead.

Who wants to come visit next? Yeah, I know. It's probably our turn to come back to Denver but 5 airplane tickets for the whole famn damily isn't exactly free.

Yesterday the kids and I went to my moms to do some canning. In our brilliant "thinking it out" process we didn't get the peaches early so ah, well be canning those next weekend when they are ripened. We did however have a fabulous time strolling through her local farmers market, making fresh pesto for lunch, and making some home made salsa with most of the ingredients from her garden.

I had fun. How big of a dork am I? I love doing things like that. I'll have to pick up some pint sized jars for next weekend though.

Well, I better get off of the computer and finish packing. I leave for Vegas today. It's gonna be a long day too. My cousin turns 21 after midnight... it will be 3 am my time... I think I might be a bit delirious tomorrow.

Hey, maybe after I get back I could get in a bit of quilting. After all what is life without quilting?

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