Saturday, August 30, 2008

Plans change

My computer is on the fritz right now. Wah! I don't know why and of course it happened as soon as my husband was gone. He's in Chicago seeing some of his friends and won't be back until late Monday. I can use his computer while he's gone but I can't add pictures to my blog. I love adding pictures to my posts. If you've emailed me and wondered why I haven't replied, well now you know.

So, Hannah's not actually in a cast. She's in a fracture splint. She has to wear it all the time but she can remove it to bathe. After two weeks she can even sleep with it off. She can't do gymnastics for at least 6 weeks though. She wasn't happy to hear that. Since she broke her wee little arm we've had to change our "last week of summer fun" a bit. Weds when she fell we were supposed to go swimming, oops had to cancel that real quick! Thurs mom and I were going to go to the beach one last time, ah, didn't happen. Instead we checked out a cool farm and went and looked around Lambertville. Our appointment to see the Orthopeadic doctor was scheduled for Friday at 1 pm. We were supposed to have gone to the beach again with some friends but as you can guess, we had to cancel. Poor little Hannah hasn't been very amused at missing out so much. Neither has Simon. Luckily it's the end of summer and not the beginning.

Now she has a story to share the first day of school.

Since Daniel is out of town I've had the evenings to myself to quilt. (Ok, I have the evenings to quilt even when he's here!) I've been working on my moms quilt the last few nights. I got all the star blocks made last weekend and I started piecing the rows. I think it'll come together fairly quickly. I have 6 of the 11 rows pieced. Eleven rows makes it sound big to me but don't forget I am doing this one on point so the rows aren't straight across.

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