Friday, July 25, 2008

County fair

Where can you ride crazy rides like the Gravatron, eat nothing but fried food, pet farm animals, admire the 4H projects, and catch some fire works? The Monmouth County Fair of course!

They were calling for rain on Wednesday but we forged ahead and went with Tiff and Chloe to the Fair. It was family night so you could get a bracelet for $15 and ride all the rides you wanted. Sounds good to me. Tiff being a good sport took Seth on the little rides while I stayed with the older ones. Hannah and Simon had a blast. I let them go on all the rides but one. Bumper cars. I just don't think whiplash would be good for Simon's neck and head... am I silly? Yes.

I didn't have my camera so I took some from Tiff's gallery on her blog, thanks Tiff!

The man on the stilts told Simon a very funny joke or at least Simon thought it was very funny. He pointed to his knee and said this is my low knee and then he pointed to his butt and said this is my "high knee". Oh boy, that was a good one wasn't it?

Seth is ready for the train ride with his friend Chloe!

Kids love to feed the animals.

Simon got to play checkers using corn cobs and a wooden board. The lady he played with works at Long Street Farm. I love that place.

The fireworks were over and the big kids got one last ride before we headed out. Once we were safely in the car the rain started. It pounded down rain. I could barely see to drive. At least the rain waited until we were in the car!

The kids had a great time. That's what it's all about anyway, right.

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