Monday, August 04, 2008

Total tourists

Laura and I packed in a lot in one day in the city! Purely for entertainment value we decided to take the Staten Island Ferry into NYC.

Once there we had to figure out which subway train to take to get us to the Guggenheim Museum. There are so many freakin' subway trains!

We took the 4 line to 86th St. Found a nice little Italian place called Bella Cucina to have some lunch and walked the rest of the way to the Guggenheim.

May I just say, and this is coming out of ignorance so I should bite my tongue, I don't understand art. At all. The exhibit was Loiuse Bourgeois' work. Most of her sculptures I just didn't get. I did like her "Cells" that she has done more recently. I think I'll stick with quilting. I get that.

After we finished up there we sat outside Central Park and looked at our little subway map to see where to go next. Rockerfeller Center.

Back to the subway. We got off at Grand Central Station. Wow, what a building!

While walking toward Rockerfeller Center we passed the NYC Library. I'd love to go back there. It was a huge beautiful building. You know, were Carrie (SATC) was to be married. There was also a huge street fair going on 6th Ave. I don't know what it was for but it was fun to walk around it.

This is where they film the Today Show.

We thought about doing the Top of the Rock thing but we didn't want to pay $20 just to see the city from the top of the building. I'll go back and do it some other time.

Next on our stop, Times Square. I don't think I'll ever get over how many people are there all the time.

Then back on the subway to our last stop for the day. Ground Zero. I just wanted to see it.

All done for the day. We stopped by Starbucks (Sorry mom, they didn't have any mugs) as we walked back to the South St Ferry Terminal. It was a day full of sight seeing and we didn't even see much. Guess I'll have to go back.


Ria said...

Totally jealous. You will have to give me a tour when I come.

Scylla said...

Damn. Now I miss Jersey again.

It was really nice being so close to NYC.

Of course, now I miss you too... but that is to be expected.

ellen said...

Ria- Anytime.

Scylla- You miss me most, right! Just remember you were the first one to take me into the city for a Broadway show.

Amy Y said...

How fun!!
Your hair is getting so long :)

woman at the well said...

I suspect a person could live a lifetime in The City and not see it all. I have a box of cards of walking tours that Karl and I want to try out when he comes the next time. Who knew The City could be so cool?

Susan said...

I love the pic you took inside the Guggenheim. Very artsy looking. You got your mom's photo genes.

Looks like you & Laura had a great time!