Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Almost August

Summer has been flying by! All sorts of things have happened that I didn't even blog about or show pictures of and now more things are going to happen next month. To start things off my friend Laura is coming tomorrow!! Someone loves us enough to come all the way to Jersey to see us! Hopefully in the week she's here we'll be able to go down the shore, to the city, and go to Great Adventure. Fun, fun, fun. Then a few days after she goes home I'll go to Vegas! Yes, Las Vegas sans kids!!! I haven't done much without my kids. Heck, since Seth was born the only time I've been away from him is if I was at a birth. I know, I live life on the wild side. THEN towards the end of the month another wonderful friend will be down in Philly and I get to see her. Also, through out the month there are a ton of fun MOMS Club activities and my mom and I are going to do some home canning. (Again, I live life on the wild side.) I actually am looking forward to canning because I've never done it before.

Anyway, there is a lot coming up for us next month. I think summer will be over quickly this year.

I thought I'd share some pictures of some of the other things the kids have been doing this summer.

We learned about the volunteer first aid squad.

Played in the water at the spray park.

Ate lots of huge ice pops to stay cool. Ok, I bought jumbo and didn't mean too. Read the box before you open it at home.

The library. One of our favorite places to go in the summer. We are there ALL the time!

Here is a sneak peak at the pattern for my mom's quilt. I didn't sew the second star block together... I am not that bad at sewing. I just like to see what the design looks like up on the wall. I can't wait to see the whole top come together. It's gonna look good.

I may not get much blogging in over the next week but I'll try if I can.


Ria said...

Can't wait to hear about Vegas. Thomas and I went at the beginning of July. It was so much fun!

Love the idea of the catch up blog. I am going to have to do something like this.

Susan said...

Love your mom's quilt. It looks like it suits her.

Samantha said...

vegas? WOW! Can't wait to hear all about it.