Friday, August 15, 2008

Trains and ice cream

Yesterday we went on a train ride. The park has a play area so the kids played and we ate lunch before heading over to the train.

It wasn't all that exciting from my perspective, after all the train went around in a circle, but Seth was certainly thrilled. They rode up high in the caboose.

I heard Seth proclaim, "Me ridin' train, mommy! Me ridin' train!" It's the little things that are so cool for kids. At this point in Seth's little 2 year old life trains, tractors, and dirt are just about the coolest things ever!

I took this picture out the back window of the caboose. I think it's kinda neat.

Today, I was hosting a MOMS Club event at my house called Silly Snack. I decided to make ice cream. We almost didn't get to make any ice cream though. I went to the grocery store I usually use and they didn't have any rock salt. They actually looked at me like I was asking for crack. I explained multiple times that you use it to make ice cream not just to melt ice in the winter. It sounds all wrong doesn't it. Can be used to make a delicious treat for children and strong enough eat ice off your sidewalk. Sounds yummy! Anyway, I called a few stores and found one that had it. Phew. What fun would a silly snack be if you didn't have to work for it.

Here is the recipe we used if you'd like to try it yourself. It was fun and messy. I was too busy filling bags with ice and shaking up the ice cream to get any good pictures.

Oh, not that you'd expect any quilt up dates but I am going to give it a go. I have to take my aunts quilt in this weekend. I completely forgot to take it in... oops. Not like it doesn't already take months to get them back from the machine quilter anyway. I also am going to throw together a quick baby quilt for one of the mamas I know out here. She just had her 3rd baby at home. I would have loved to have been there but birth isn't a spectator sport. Here are the stash fabrics I want to use.

Tomorrow, my mom and I will attempt to can some peaches. Stay tuned.

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woman at the well said...

The baby quilt will be really pretty! Seth looks happy - Hannah looks like the big sister who has to keep the little brother out of trouble on the silly train :) It's good for her to learn to help out others.