Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Toddlers and haircuts

Sometimes theses things don't go so well together.

I took Simon and Seth in for a hair cut today. Seth should have had one while we were in Denver but my Aunt doesn't believe in forcing haircuts upon kids. I can totally understand why because who wants to traumatize a kid for years to come and what hair dresser wants a screaming kid in their chair? So, after a good early nap and a big yummy lunch I packed up my herd of kids and headed of to the mall.
All was well until Seth realized that he was the one getting a hair cut. He shook his head no emphatically. I tried to get him to sit in the fun little tractor chair and he responded with a scream and a head shake. Uh, oh. Are we going to have to skip. Again! He'd already had 2 prior hair cuts and done just fine with them. What's up? Oh, yeah... he's a toddler! Toddlers don't wanna do anything they didn't decide on.

Well, the older lady just asked me if I wanted to hold him. I agreed and she went to trimming. I do hate to force kids to do things but come on, you need a freakin' haircut. He calmed down when she was almost done. Thankfully it's a kid hair place so we didn't scare away all the patrons.
This picture was taken mere minutes after he was done. Already back to happy. Toddlers are strange little creatures. Sheesh, that was a lot of hard work for a quick little cut but now he looks like a little boy and not a rag muffin. Alas, I am coated in fine blond hair! Good idea to wear a black top today.

He pulled this on me last week at the doctors for his 18 month check up. (BTW he is quite healthy but only weighs in at 20.5 lbs. I think Oliver out weighs him at 4 months old! Hey, maybe now I'll have someone to give me hand me downs! Sweet.) Anyway, when we were at the doctors he was fine until the nurse came in and told me to take his clothes off. That was it for him. He told me "no" and began to cry. What, to many shots? I struggled just to get his shirt off over his head because he was holding on to it very tightly. The weight and measurement part was quite a loud mess but darn it, I wasn't coming back. Once the nurse left he was okay again. He didn't get as mad when the doctor came in and she did her quick assesment with him sitting on my lap. I think Seth really might remember that the shots are given by the nurse. I'd hate to be the nurse if all kids saw me and started to cry.


Amy York said...

I love toddlers... but these are the reasons I'm able to find to be thankful that my babies are not babies anymore!! Their haircuts look fantastic and I hope Seth's feeling better after his shots. We do that Friday and the kids are NOT looking forward to it!

woman at the well said...

Kids - sometimes you just have to make them do things they don't want when it is in their best interests - they're just not old enough to the difference. The phrase rag muffin sounds like something my mother would have said - sometimes she'd tell me to comb my hair because "you look like an orphan." See, kids look better when there's someone around to shape them up :)

Samantha said...

At that age, the only way we could get Henry's hair cut was at the place where each kid got their own TV. He'd still cry, but he'd not thrash about... Toddlers! Crazy! The boys both look adorable.