Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Popcorn Park Zoo

We went to a zoo yesterday. Not your typical big fancy-shmancy zoo. This is the Humane Society's rescued animals zoo. Amazingly enough they had quite the array of animals! From snakes and iguanas all the way up to tigers and bears. How people think they can keep a tiger is beyond me! They had lots of monkeys, sheep, and even ostriches. It was pretty neat. And sticking with the theme of "Popcorn Park" they sold popcorn to feed to the animals. The kids professed boredom while we were there and later said it was pretty cool. I don't know if we'll go back anytime soon because it turned out to be an hour away. (Tiff's GPS lied to us!) Thank you to all the great people at Vonage for the new toys that kept them entertained for 2 hours in the car! Speaking of which, Hannah and Simon made their own thank you cards that we'll take in tomorrow. I hope people will like them as much as the kids enjoyed getting all those wonderful gifts.

We ran to Target today. I of course spent more than I intended to. Never fails. We bought some seeds so we can have a vegetable garden this summer. I am hoping that will get the kids interested in helping out in the yard. At least they can watch it all grow and eat it too! We grew some veggies a few summers ago and the kids really liked it. I'd prefer to have someone else make my yard pretty so I can sit in the house and sew. Sadly, quilting isn't so fun in the oppressive summer heat. We don't have AC.

On the Simon front- He'll get his CT scan on Monday the 9th before he gets his pre-op physical. So everyone send Misty happy baby vibes so she can have little Oliver before I head off to Philly next week. Not just for my sake but because deserves to not be pregnant anymore.

Oh, I sent a gift over to my neighbors house on Sunday. They had a baby boy 2 weeks ago so I scavenged through my stash-o-fabric and put together a quick flannel blanket for them. We baked them some banana walnut muffins to go with it. Hannah said she was happy to get the gift. I was still in my pj's so I sent Hannah! Hey, it was the weekend!

I am not sure what is wrong with the comments section of my blog but I tried replying 2 times and it never showed up... hummm, hopefully it is just a bug and it will go away. They might just show up too. I am glad my blog is enjoyed by so many people. Now I know I am not talking to myself. Not that it'd stop me!


Scylla said...

Pretty blanket!! Thanks for the wishes, I feel I deserve to not be pregnant any more!!

Out baby baby baby.....

woman at the well said...

Hey, I talk to myself all the time!

What does the Humane Society do with the abandoned animals - surely, they don't intend to adopt out the tiger, but is it a way to adopt some of the pets?

As kids get older, they claim increasing levels of sophistication and feign boredom with outings that used to be fun. Adults do it, too. I guess it is part of retaining the magic of childhood - to be able to enjoy simple stuff like a popcorn petting zoo.

ellen said...

Out baby, baby, baby!

All the animals now reside at the zoo! It's their new home. A lot of those animals were abused or neglected. The have a separate area with dogs and cats that need to be adopted out. I didn't go there. I don't need another animal and we all know how good I am at picking out the good dog!

I thought it was neat. The kids will just have to go with me to places that I think will be fun. Ah, it's good to be the grownup sometimes!

Amy York said...

I thought that zoo sounded neat... Hope Misty has her baby soon!
The comments thing was happening all over blogspot.com I believe. I couldn't leave one on Ria's post today and I noticed it on another blog a couple days ago. Weird. Seems to be working now though! Hooray! :)

Ria said...

I love your blog too so please don't stop. I enjoy being able to keep up with you. I know what you mean about sometimes feeling like you are talking to yourself though. I would still do it if no one read it also. It is very therapeutic to blog.
I am sending labor vibes to Misty!
Amy-I want my blog comment. I feel so cheated. LOL!

margaret said...

hey with everything you have comming up with Simon I wanted to pass along a trick I learned from the phlobotmist (I so spelled that wrong) today when I was getting my blod work done. She was an older lady and said that years a gor she had a young girl who's parents had her do math problems whil they were drawing blood. She has recomended this and it usually works inconjunction with not letting them look. So maybe have him list odd numbers or multiples plus it will help his school work.

ellen said...

Margs- Thanks for the suggestion. It might work.

Ria- I wanted to reply to your blog about wanting to be a surrogate but there wasn't a spot for comments... OMG!

I am glad the comments section is working again. Phew.