Monday, April 09, 2007


You will all have to wait patiently for the birth story because I wasn't there. WAH! Murphy's Law I curse you! Where ever Murphy is.... he needs to have his butt kicked! The one day I wasn't available! Alas, all is well. Misty is a super rock star mama! She gave birth ala natural (not in the water but she apparently labored there) to an 11 lb 6 oz baby! Yes, 11.6! He is a healthy boy and Misty is tired but doing very well. I eagerly await her birth story myself. Congratulations Misty and Lee.

Simon's appointment went well today. As Dan said in the comments section the CT was clear (no hydrocephalus) and he even got his blood drawn without totally freaking out! Friday is the big day. We'll keep you all posted.


Woman with a Hatchet said...

Yay Simon!

Yay Ellen - even though you missed the birth, you got the all important first picture!

Ria said...

Super Congrats to Misty and WOW, that baby is about as big as mine were at 6 months. LOL! Go Misty!
So sweet about Hannah. That story gave me the good goose bumps and almost a little tear. What a good big sister.
Good luck with everything this week.

ellen said...

No, I think Lee got the first pictures. I just happened to get one up first to share! I told Misty I wouldn't be handing baby clothes down to her for long since Seth is like 19-20 pounds.

What Hannah did yesterday made Dan and I cry. After all that fuss a few weeks back about not getting attention she did something so selfless. See, she does love him. I'll remind myself of that when they are beating each other up!

Susan said...

Too bad you don't have Simon's new born clothes. They would fit Oliver perfectly :)

Glad to hear it went smoothly for everyone yesterday. Friday will go just as well.

Aunt Debbie said...

I'm so happy to hear that everything went well with Simon yesterday! And Hannah is a very mature big sis - kudos to you Hannah! Simon, keep your humor at all times buddy...we love you!

Way to go Misty...11 lbs 6 oz! I shared this with my friend at work who is expecting twins in July. Nothing like starting your day with a little "WOW" factor!

woman at the well said...

I hope people didn't give Misty those cute little "newborn" clothes - she'll have to immediately give those away! Good for Misty - amazing sized baby.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Misty has a built in outlet for newborn sized clothes - me!

Twins aren't at all likely to reach 11lbs 6 oz EACH at birth.

Thanks for being there Ellen and I'm sure you're very proud of Hannah. She sounds like a heckuva kid!

Amy York said...

Yay for Misty! That is a very big baby!
Glad Simon's CT scan was clear... Good luck on Friday!!