Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter and possible baby

I awoke yesterday morning at 6 am to the sound of little feet and little voices excitedly discovering their baskets of goodies and scattered eggs. They roamed the house finding the candy filled plastic eggs and then ate exorbitant amounts of chocolate! Ah, it's Easter, let them indulge. We had a nice day at John and Tiff's house. She had the kids decorate bags and go on an Easter egg hunt through out the house. It was to cold for the egg hunt to be outside. They also made us a yummy ham for dinner. We all had a very good time.

Well, we are off to Philly this morning. We're worried that Simon won't hold still for the CT scan because he'll be scared so we are following the sedation guidelines. Which really means no food for him. Hannah told Simon if it would make him feel better she wouldn't eat too. I think that is the coolest thing she's done as a big sister so far!

To top off the day. Misty called me just a bit ago and they think today is the day. Since I can't rush off to be with them (WAH!!!!) please send them loving wishes for a healthy happy birth. If she holds out until this evening I'll run to the hospital once we are home. I hate to wish for a long labor so maybe I'll just get to take some pictures of a beautiful baby boy in a few hours.

I guess, wish us all luck today!


woman at the well said...

I'll definately pray for you and Simon and for Misty. It is so hard to want to be in two places at once. Also, what a great big sister - maturity in the face of adversity. Good for Hannah.

Amy York said...

Keep us posted on how Simon's CT scan and Misty's delivery goes! I've been reading Misty's blog occasionally and have been wondering if she was ever going to have that baby!
Sounds like you had a great Easter! :)

Susan said...

Kids will surprise you when you least expect it :) She's a good big sister. Hope everything went smoothly at the CT scan.

And hope you were able to do your doula duties for Misty too. You deserve to have that fun joy right now.

daniel said...

The CT scan went fine, nothing out of the ordinary (well, other than the things we already knew about :-). Ellen is off to attend to Misty now. We don't have any news of a birth yet, so we're somewhat optimistic that she's going to get there before Oliver does.

daniel said...

Ellen called a few minutes ago. She did miss the birth (of course), but Oliver appears healthy and Misty is fine. He hasn't been weighed yet, but Ellen's expert opinion is "more than 10 lbs".

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Daniel/Ellen! Call me (or blog it) with details!

Did Misty get to have her water birth? How's Lee? When do they get to go home?


Yay for blogs!

woman at the well said...

I almost called Ellen on my way home, (my favorite way to go through the rush hour traffic - talk on the phone) but I thought she'd be with Misty. How exciting. Ellen must not have missed to birth by much - if he hadn't been weighed yet.

Susan said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one that finds talking to Ellen a good way to pass time while sitting in traffic :)