Friday, June 19, 2009

The result of endless rain

The sun is out today! Ok, just a little, but it's quite an amazing sight when it hasn't been out much the entire month. It was actually perfectly fine for me that it did nothing but rain yesterday. I sat and read. I played with Seth too but that isn't hard to do. He likes play dough, water colors, blocks, and even tv shows. So, now that I have finished being completely book monstered I can get back to what I usually do. Lazily quilting while watching movies in the evenings. Who needs a clean and organized house anyway? Totally over rated. Martha Stewart will never come to my house.

All this rain has been good for the garden though. My poor little garden is being over run by the zucchini. I knew it was possible and I was going to let the zucchini run off the side of the raised bed but then we had a bunny problem. The little bastard ate all the leaves off of my cucumber plant. I had to bust out the chicken wire! So now, all the veggies are trapped in the square and can't spill out like I had planned... Any suggestions from my friends who garden? I think the tomatoes and the green beans might make it.

Oh, I couldn't help myself last week.... I bought some fabric and a book. How do I justify it? We all need matching stockings for next Chrsitmas, don't we?

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Amy Y said...

I haven't done zucchini so I don't have any good suggestions... we're getting tons of rain here, too, so my garden is doing pretty well also!