Saturday, June 20, 2009

Breech births

A happy moment for me that I had to share. (Again, I am pretty crunchy when it comes to birthing, I just don't usually talk about it on my blog all that much.)

Most of you may not care about this... but you should. Canada, SCOG, just reevaluated their stance on recommending c-sections for all breech births! Women will now have an option to deliver vaginally. Finally, a step in the right direction! The cesarean rate is too high and these are the kind of rational decisions that will help bring it back to a reasonable level. Here are a few articles on it. Now, if only America would follow suit. Currently the AMA is more focused on how to make patients more "compliant." Scary, non?


woman at the well said...

The AMA and allopathic doctors in general focus on compliance, trying to make everyone an ideal (quiet) patient; and they do medicine geared against being sued, not giving good care.

Cristin said...

Hi Ellen, fun blog! Thanks for commenting on mine ;-) You had asked where I got my tags from... well I actually have a stamp and just make my own. I had the stamp custom made from she's great! She'll design it for you, if you don't already have one.

I've been using fabric that comes in 8x11 sheets that can be run thru the printer. They are the SEW IN type, not adhesive. Quite easy!